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About James

I want to congratulate you for first taking the time to look at what our site has to offer you as a potential seeker in personal growth and or human performance. Probably first when you read this you are statistically moved by your current situation and are looking for answers to change you finances or life-style or both & I pray you can keep in mind your preferred reality vs your current reality.

This is normal and I myself have experienced the same although I was from the beginning determined to not give up and achieve the results I SO RICHLY DESERVED. I encourage you to determine within yourselves that you will never give up on you and invest in your self-mastery today. Say it to yourself right now. “Yes I can achieve my Goals and Dreams by becoming More” Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

James Buckley is an Evangelist, entrepreneur and compassionate business developer that has allowed excuses to be of the past in my life and am always empowering others to achieve the maximum that is destined for their lives by eliminating any mindsets that can hinder the progress of completing ones Destiny by design and not Default.

I have like many have grown up with minimal provisions during  childhood and have only dreamed of one day being able to have unlimited resources to establish my wildest dreams and to be positioned to give into the specific needs that I am compassionate about.

Little did I know that there is a purpose & planned for everyone that includes them first finding out their God-given gifts & talents along with knowing their personal Identity in Christ. You see raising children and not really knowing at first how to align their lives with the calling and purpose that God had for them really was challenging. It became an eye opener for me since I learned about the way that the majorities are teaching in the earth. Finding out as I grew in Christ and in the knowledge of the word, that is the Holy Bible that all the principles that are now used to make one wise toward mastering their-selves and achieving more than enough for them as stewards in the earthly realm turned out to be a powerful awakening. See most are taught to go to school and get good grades and go to college and then work for someone the rest of their lives.
I am not against formal education,as it will make one a living, it is not the way the wealthy teach. Learning how to really invest in yourself and then master one’s self has been a great leadership tool that I have found compassion in. When you learn and then implement what you learn and empower others to do the same, then you are creating lasting wealth as well as long-term acquaintances that will become interested in what you are doing because of your genuine concern for their success as well as your own. This is what Life is about and will create business partners for a lifetime.

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