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Creating Success through Personal Growth

In this Post, you will find some great insights on how to create success,

 by changing some important factors that maybe hindering you from creating the success you deserve. Finding out how to combat wrong attitudes, behaviors and mindsets which are enemies to success and can prevent you from going forward with personal growth which is a must and if these habits are not acknowledged and changed they become pitfalls that can prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams.

 The word create means to bring into being or to bring forth, so if you can imagine, you already posses what’s needed” A willing vessel” add strong desire & you have the means of tapping into the most powerful tool, the mind, you begin by learning how to apply positive thinking with strong desire and proven techniques that if applied could propel you forward to a life of empowerment, avoiding the very things that could be causing you to fail that you are not even fully aware of. The first change we want to focus on is our behavior and attitude which are habits derived by our Mindset.

 Let’s define success, this word means to accomplish a task or Goal with positive outcome or also favorable or desired outcome, desired in this definition, falls in the realm of mindset. Strong desire plus a winning attitude will bring forth the outcome of success, when we have a strong desire to succeed it allows a state of mind that produces a progressive vision which in return we develop a definite plan which births a genuine determination to succeed. 

So if you could change the way you think it can create a whole new you and this is how the mind begins to produce a never ending direction towards success.

 With this in consideration, let us examine one thing that we might face that could prevent us from becoming successful and moving forward with achieving Personal Growth to the level of the success we desire.

 Going to a training seminar “First Steps to Success” it was stated one of the main reasons for failure lies in getting to the root of an individuals problem which could stem all the way from childhood, now I know that we all want to become financially free and have time & freedom to do as we like, with family and love ones so pay close attention to this cause, as it can choke the peace out of the life that promotes reality.

There are many dysfunctions that could occur during childhood that follows a person to adult life. Here is one Giant.

1.         Self Image, Self confidence, Self esteem

If you for any reason as a child felt that you where not good enough or did not measure up to some level that was expected of you, then you could be a victim of this category of major drawbacks. After all, the scriptures states that “So a man thinks in his Heart, so he is” this is important of our mindset and it can allow failure.

So one way to combat this is to begin by writing a list of affirmations that changes those thoughts and images in our sub-conscience mind and begin to speak to ourselves on a consistent basis until we can began to build confidence and start raising our self esteem and self image. More powerful, use pictures in conjunction with the affirmations with your face attached to the surroundings and atmosphere you desire, Words cut out of magazines like I am successful, I am a winner etc. This is called a visual board. This will cause the sub-conscience mind to re-establish the way we think about ourselves over a period of time and after all, we deserve this, you need to convince yourself of this before you can go forward.

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