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Failure Analysis-The Root Cause That Prevents Progress In Life (Part 1)

The major reason for failure in every walk of life is EXCUSES!

In this series of articles we are going to talk about this mindset that is holding thousands back from what they really desire in life. The number one cause for failure is and always will be excuses. The Webster dictionary defines excuses as to give reasons for or to justify. One great way of looking at this giant is calling it a well planned lie. When people allow excuses to become a part of their daily lives they do not perceive the potential training of there minds to accept this as a norm. We give one reason after another for not moving forward with decisions that will propel us toward change which always must happen if one desires progress in their lives.

It is uncomfortable but, will result in challenging you to believe in yourself which is the only way to receive positive results. It is easier the next time to do the same because; in your mind you will not try to justify it. Justifying why you cannot have what you really want in life produces a problem we quote as becoming a developing situation. Instead of justifying we need to develop change in our thought process.

Excuses always display choices, and many people make choices that limit their lives. Remember, that in everything you do there is a choice to be made and in the end the choice you make, makes you. So when you give in to excuses these choices become who you are.

Here is an example: Maybe as a child when you were asked to clean your bedroom or take out the garbage while you where watching a good movie. Soon after a friend showed up and asked you to ride with him to the arcade. You left the house without doing your chores. When your parent returned and saw that you had neglected your chores, they questioned you. You gave them an excuse related to your irresponsibility and you responded by saying,” I planned to but I forgot”, this is just the beginning of a depraved mindset of giving reasons why we cannot or did not do something. If we are allowed to justify our responsibility at that very moment we begin to live a life of excuses. People figure out that if they come up with what they call a good excuse it would allow them to avoid any conflict. Let us face it, we will always face adversity and those that overcome adversity with positive thinking will attract those that do the same in life. When we develop structure in our lives we also attract people with structure in their lives.

Have you ever talked to people that have given you excuses? If so, you need to make up your mind to have no more excuses holding you back from the true desires of your heart. You must not be a victim of this plague. Some examples that were experienced were people saying that they did not have the time. Also saying that this is just not for me and I do not like sales. Sound familiar? What about no ones ever makes any money at that? The sneaky one is that they like to think everything over before they make a move. The one that really put you off was for you to call them in a month. The list goes on and on. Everyone that gets these responses need to evaluate their own motives and eliminate any excuses in their lives and begin a positive way of thinking to help others get over their roadblocks called excuses.

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