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Failure Analysis – The Root Cause That Prevents Progress in Life (Part 2)

Ask yourself if this is the type of life you want? Percentage wise, 98% of people live a life of excuses and have accepted their lives as such. They constantly complain all the time about how they do not like this and do not like that and are in debt and in destitution, stressed out in life without getting any better day by day and, get this, they attract these type of people in there lives. They are held in bondage to this lifestyle. So ask yourself, how can I avoid this?

If you are indeed experiencing some of these areas in your life that you have read in these series of articles, just remember that you reap what you sow and if you do not start developing your mindset by enforcing a strengthening system by reading books on self-development and personal growth. The greatest book of all is the Holy Bible which has many stories that speaks of these related problems and many overcame the obstacles they faced by applying the same principles.

They began to meditate on the word and applied it, then made the necessary changes that transformed their lives. Give yourself time and patience and take the initiative to go forward. One key to this is to get an accountability partner that will encourage you and keep you on track, this is a must if you desire to live with no excuses. Do not take any short cuts for yourself.

Your potential is phenomenal and you can achieve this, you also have to believe that you can. Remember write a list of affirmations that displays all that you see in your new self- image and begin to repeat these to yourself. This changes your self talk. Preferable in the morning when you arise because your brain is at the alpha stage which is the highest learning state. Note: In everything that you gain, you have to give up something in its place.

Keep in mind it want be a comfortable place to be in at first although you must be determined and persistent. Charles Schwab said, “When you put a limit on what you will do, you put a limit on what you can do”. Do not accept a life of excuses, we live in the greatest times of history for human achievement. Average people who are tired of a mediocre lifestyle are teaming up with strong-minded leaders who are living with no excuses and empowering others to do so.

You will discover that it is not hard once you get pass your negative mental attitude. In closing, remember that every diversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage and nothing you try to accomplish can be viewed as failure unless you make an excuse and accept it as such.

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