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Hi:  My name is Kristi Buckley and i’m going to be writing a 3 part series about the The Woman With A Name.It is my heart to see every woman know their true identity as women of The Lord.This in my opinion is the highest,yet most humble honor there is.Even in this there must be a progressive journey that we walk in order to truly understand what it all means.

 Before we began let’s look at a few words.The word Woman-an adult female human being;Womanhood-the state of being a woman;and last but not least,Name-a word or phrase by which a person,thing,or class is known;title.In the Bible,The Book of Genesis 1 ;the first thing we read is IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth.Then it goes on to talk about the creation of the environment as a whole.

 The Book of Genesis 2;we see the creation of man.The Lord says”It is not good for man to be alone“. We read about the first ever performed surgery by the hands who makes hands,The Lord puts Adam into a deep sleep,takes a rib from his side,closes up the flesh.Then the rib which The Lord had extracted from Adam,he made into woman and he brought her to the man and Adam named her woman because she was taken out of him.

 This story to me is the greatest love story ever told,why?because for me it shows the that Gods greatest creation is mankind, man and woman.By taking a bone from Adams side and creating Eve, God implied equality and mutual respect.As a young girl growing up i totally believed the myth that once you got your menses you were a woman,I was a bride at 17 ,a mom at 18 and then again at 19 and still had yet to realize after all of this that i was not yet the woman that i was created to be.

 I have been blessed in my life to have 3 wonderful women who are daughters of  The Lord,wives,mothers,grandmothers,sisters,aunts,you get the picture,most of all they are mentors to young guys and girls who like us are on a journey,trying to understand what it all means.I am a prolific reader,i have been since i learned to read and last year for some reason i felt compelled to read about pioneer women.My mind has so opened up even more about the strenght of women and how much more we can accomplish, and still be the unique,creation that we are.I am going to introduce to you a woman who has touched my heart in such a way,i am profoundly challenged in my mind,heart,even in my physicality,and i honestly believe you will be to.

I was born in the 60’s,raised in the 70’s and early 80’s,so if this lady was taught about in history i so was not there,yet looking back i really don’t think she was.Her name? Wihmunke-Wakan

 Kristi Buckley

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