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Network Marketing: Why Do People Fail In this Industry?

As I have pursued Network Marketing, I have come to realize that it is one of the most powerful business models that there is when it comes to making residual income. Never-the-less there are many prospects that when  Network Marketing is mentioned they run. The main reason that this has become a problem is because of the Sales Industry .

 Most people try to use old school techniques and the statistic has been proved that 92% of people are anti-sales. A Network Marketing business is operated by marketing a product or service to a target market that is initially looking for that product or service. Where most mlm companies fail is they use replicated sites that are not search engine optimised and they will also instruct a new recruit to make a list of all there friends and family in which is not considered a target  market in most cases.  

Solutions to Why

Another key is lack of mlm training. This produces rookies trying to sell instead of  developing a sincere concern to help solve a problem or address a need. The best mlm system has mentoring and relationship as the main drive to build a huge and successful industry. This allows not only a select few of their distributors to make money, but all who will  learn how to use the tools and strategies that is provided. So most people don’t become successful by just joining a good company that has a great product or service.

 This usually accompany frustation because it seems so hard to build a business with the techniques of their uplines. Then there is the buying mlm leads in which the cost will eventually ware you out with credit card debt. All these combined with weeks, months and sometimes years has created a failure rate that gives network marketing and multi level marketing a bad name.  Although I will share with you how to build a mlm list with a Sales Funnel and drive your target market to it.                                                                                                                                                                                                


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