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3 Important Traits Needed To Be Successful In Network Marketing

Recently I was approached by a person who made the question “what qualities or important tools do I need to be a part of the network marketing industry”?  Frankly, there are hundreds, if not thousands of words that could describe what characteristics or qualities should make up a network marketer.  You do not need to be a college graduate or be a natural-born sales person.  So what are the requirements?  I will say this, the question itself is extremely subjective, so I’ll try to keep this article within the limits of an article and not a novel.  Here is my short list of features and qualities of someone who is seriously considering a career in network marketing business.

Desire: In my humble opinion It would serve anyone well to spend time and research as much as possible in the network marketing industry and then decide.  I mean to dig deep and make sure they still have the want and hunger to still make a leap in this industry.  Anyone can have a strong wish to embrace the network marketing industry however, success is often never realized in our industry. Anyone who has already been mindful  of wanting to engage in this industry, definitely need to do their research because it  is no walk in the Park.  In fact this proves frankly frustrating, hard and even spirit breaking for some.  Make no mistake, if you have the desire, I promise that you will be tested.  There was and will be continuously huge success in network marketing and the strong desire to find success has definitely played an important role in the vast volume of higher incomes and leaders in our business.

Success mindset: The truth of any business model is that the mere existence in time of any successful business is definitely limited.  The point is this, network marketing is a profitable business.  No profit, no business! This leads me to what I call the success mindset.  What is a mindset or attitude controlled by conversation with your own brain.  How the brain controls all our actions, reactions and functions, you must inform your brain this.  You, in your mind, has already achieved success from day one and those around you will notice.  Your posture, attitude and everything about you have to be reprogrammed.  No negativity, you have to believe that you are a tremendous success.  This is exactly how many big name athletes today made it, they see the shot in their minds before they ever release the ball, they own it and guess what, they see there selves going in and scoring  before the shot ever really was made.  They see their success in mind before they really get it.  The same will be true for you too, hanging out with successful people and steer clear of anything negative.  The success mindset is powerful, for sure.

Will: The reason I chose this particular feature is because it groups several thoughts that I have on this subject.  So, here  it is.  All things that make up a large merchant desire ,stands out to me as a great feature because of the following. As a network marketer  you must have a strong desire to learn, make helpful suggestions, sponsor, promote your product on the market, be organized, take massive action, be a great success, fulfill a calendar time-line and, more importantly, help others.  I’m sure you get the idea.

There is no doubt in my mind, that our industry is not for everyone.  The good news is that people who find success, have worked hard and deserve the glass roof that is very real and becomes extremely rewarding. So if you can fit this category then welcome aboard. Get geared up for a lifestyle only others dream of.

In Christ and to Your Success

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