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Basics of Attraction Marketing


In a world where people are generally free to decide what to buy, where and how many, it may seem a little strange that there is still a sales team hanging. Their role is quite unpretentious: to convince, influence, and especially please and certainly not to pressure the buyer, although connecting as to gain trust and to prevent and elude him from buying a competitor’s products. Again influencing him to acquire  an item for which the customer may not otherwise buy on his own. Thankfully we now have attraction marketing!  These days, the game has change.

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is a type of advertising or marketing materials to which the activity is aimed at finding high-quality customers and prospects. It is the latest trend to hit the Internet marketing industry and currently used by more and more e-business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. The main goal of attraction marketing is to attain and retain a customer base for life.

How does attraction marketing work?

Psychology has much to do with attraction marketing, instead of asking the business owner to focus on selling a product in order to meet his own needs, he is encouraged to use attraction marketing and provide a solution to the buyer.  This makes a marketers not only positioned to provide the product for the customer needs but also offer precise  and appropriate information for future connections. Also allows some later discounts or offers that are free or at least for a low cost.

The objective here is not only to sell to the customer but also to create a relationship with them by winning their confidence. This can then be maintained through regular exchange of  communication or information related to your product or service that the customer needs.

Thus the customer becomes an integral part of the business owner and partners to help market his business,also its main selling points and areas for expansion. Business owner is also able to communicate with their customers on a more personal level.

Ultimately, it becomes a win-win situation for both the entrepreneur and his customer. The customer takes advantage of an improved product or service while the business owner may benefit from a loyal support from the customer.

What type of media do attraction marketing usually use?

Attraction marketing may be applied in many ways. The easiest way is probably through the use of online resources.  A marketer or business owner can use online tips, FAQs, consulting, and even e-newsletter and product recommendations for maintaining a rapport with their customers. A business owner has a choice among mainstream media such as text content (such as those found in Blogs), or utilize audio and video.

Potential customers have several reasons why they are looking for a real business owner. The content in which is searched for must be relevant to the customers need. Also while the customer spends time on what is considered the main information hub, they are exposed to other services and related  products in which they find beneficial or interesting. This in turn increases the site traffic and produces an attraction that assures the customers will be back to that site.

Is Attraction marketing expensive ?

Attraction marketing can be surprisingly inexpensive ,depending on the type of technology or media used, it will be expensive if a marketers choose heavy approaches such as purchasing leads or investing in professionally produced video footage.

Many techniques are often used for attraction marketing that are free of cost. Site maintenance is relatively cheaper compared with more traditional ways of promoting or advertising of a product or a service. Content that customers will use like business owner’s website, can be produced free or for a relatively small cost. All these ideas are just the basics of attraction marketing and can revert to the business owner attracting potential custers and also business builders to himself. This is the beauty of attraction marketing.

Who are you Attracting ?


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