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Having A Positive Mindset Is Key To Success

Positive Mindset

To succeed in anything, you must have the right mindset and a positive attitude.

 To have a positive mindset, you need to think positively at all times & act positively, a man is literally what he thinks, his character. He is  the sum total of all his thoughts. “As a Man Thinketh in His Heart, so is He”  Proverb 23:7

We are what we think.  We welcome (sub-consciously), Although there are some people positive
(deliberately). They think positively & they attract positive things in their lives. 

  For example:

1) Abundance of Success
2) Wellness
3) Happiness
4) Joy
5) Health

When we believe in negative thing we will attract negativity.
For example:

1) Disease
2.) Unhappiness
3) Poverty and Broke Thoughts

Think positive.  If you want something & don’t know how to attain it, the first thing you must do is, develop a positive mindset. When you ask yourself,  “How can I afford …? How can I get …?, You create a open mind to move forward. Begin  imagining how you would feel holding and touching the desired things you want.  Practice this, write & watch every night for 10 minutes  before going to sleep & the universe will arrange this for you. This is called ” the law of attraction ”  we are all bound to these powers.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction governs everyone.  When we believe good things will happen to us, they will.  For example, when we believe that we can achieve an  abundance of wealth & success in our lives,  the universe in return will ensure that we are attracting an abundance of wealth & success in our lives.

Whereas when we think on negative things, we  attract negative things in our lives.  For example, if we feel a little sick and start to focus on a  being sick, we will start to feel sick even if nothing has manifested,our mind creates symptoms and then we begin to attracting the very sickness in our lives.

How can I obtain a positive mindset?

Think, speak and make friends with positive peoples.  Also read books and watch DVDs on mentality.

I highly recommend the following:-

1) Watch the secret (www.thesecret.tv)
2) Reading ‘ Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Kiyosaki, Robert T. with Lecther, c.p.a, Sharon L)

Enter a positive mindset & good things will happen to you.  Positive thinking will also assist you in living your life with abundance.

If you have a negative mentality, then change it to a positive mindset.  Change the mindset from negative to positive & change your life for the better.

Do you believe in Yourself ?

 In Christ & To Your Success

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