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Reliv Review

Reliv International arrived into existence in 1988 by means of a dream} to Nurture the globe}. The founders Robert and Sandy Montgomery sought to provide not merely high class nourishment but, also a business opportunity that would help people financially. Their substantial products came from a close friendship with well recognized micro biologist Dr. Theodore Kalogris.

Through the Doctors study a product line was in progress that would offer nutrition in a extremely absorbable form. Reliv International Product Line is one of various companies that present nutritional products. The three Reliv product lines are essential nutrition, weight control and a targeted solutions line. The primary line is the basics like nutritional vitamins and minerals. This basis nourishment product is known as Reliv Classic and Now. The weight control line is called simplicity and utilizes fresh improvements in dietary facts to concentrate on making a superiority diet product line with dietary tablets, shakes, hunger suppressants and a planner. The targeted product lines deal with detailed wellbeing like digestive health, blood sugar, energy, joint, heart, women’s an kids health as well.

The Business Opportunity and Compensation:

The Reliv International business is a division of the MLM industry which provides people a work from home opportunity. To start with Reliv you are required to pay $39.95. Once you are a distributor you will purchase Reliv products at a 20%-40% reduction based on what level you come in with the company, and advertise them at retail. You also get compensated a fraction difference on products bought by people in your group. An example of this would be if you were at a 40% rank and a distributor beneath you was at a 25% level, you would make the additional 15% difference each time he offers a product until he is at the similar 40% level as you. Once they are at the equal rank as you they, along with their group of distributors, breaks away from you. At this point you will make 8% on the groups first/primary,level/rank, 6% on the 2nd, 4% on the 3rd, 3% on the 4th and 2% on the 5th.


So, is Reliv International a rip-off?. No. If you desire to market products to help change the quality of lives. You would want to start with your family and friends, then begin by holding group meetings in your home to educate potential customers . Make up business cards with general information about yourself, being sure to advertise your company.  A person who actually believes in the product line might perform well with Reliv yet understanding  an industry fact, that 90% of distributors will fall out of an Multi level markeing industry. With this review in mind, you need to understand how to build with confidence, Since your actual revenue stream comes from the portion of money earned from your distributors sales, it is very important to make sure your have Great Leadership.  Also, once your contacts of list of relatives and acquaintances is exhausted, where do you obtain fresh prospects to carry on building your organization? So, make certain you have a method of generating quality prospects that are attracted in what you have to present whether it be conventional promotion or on the internet marketing strategies. This advertising plus Lead Generating will be vital to sustained expansion for your business.

To Your Success in Health & Wealth

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