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Are You Working For Wages or Experiencing Profits ?

In this article we will discuss what I believe to be one of the most misunderstood  realities that man have missed out on. Most haven’t got a clue as to the Depth and Width and Length and also the Breath of this controversial subject. Better known as “Network Marketing” or“Direct Sales”.

This very powerful and rewarding platform is still  changing  thousands of lives globally.  Knowing  Skill-Sets

such as SALES,Connecting , Customer Service, Personal Growth, Leadership and Empowering others.

There are few that understand about the  two platforms in the economical world.

In the book ” Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki  states how as a child everyone is coached to ” go to school and get

good grades and then after high school continue to college in which insures that you will land a GOOD JOB. The secret of success

is not to land a good job in which to work for someone for the rest of your life. If you are a employee and desire to live the

life of your Dreams you must, at sometime in life  understand that you must work for Profits instead of Wages. If you work for

someone else that pays  wages or salaries and even give benefits you must understand that your salary will

never rise to the same level as your employers profits will. The owner receives payments on what is produced in direct results

to your performance. You should grow as a direct result, your salary that is.


With a wage earning platform you are subject to mediocrity because your business owner calls the shots and he determines

if or when you get a raise. In a profit based platform you get paid as you create results and your profits can continue to rise as

you develop and empower others.  In a wage system you will never become financially independent unless you invest some of

your money from your wages into a profit platform. Here is a example, you save you money from your wages and then invest

in buying property and then rent it out. After your overhead for your utilities and such is paid you keep the rest as a part of a

profit system.


In a wage platform we trade Hours for Dollars or some say Time for Money and we usually live from day to day looking

forward to vacation so we can enjoy being away from our JOBS as Wage Earners. If you want to become financially successful

you will have to be in a Profit System rather than a wage system. Most people are looking for a guaranteed income or check in

which a hourly wage will give. If you can get pass the Conditioned Mindset of Trading Hours for Dollars you will be open for

a solid way to create profits as you invest in the one thing that counts and that is ” You“.

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