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Change Your Programming: Achieve In Network Marketing

In this article I want to talk to you about Programming Yourself for Success in Network Marketing
People have been raised and influenced throughout their lives & by the time they are able to
understand simple instructions they begin to develop mindsets that shapes their lives forever.

Most do not learn to set goals or even to take risk because this is not what is called SAFE.
But as a entrepreneur you have to think differently and this doesn’t include believing that you can’t
succeed. When we are taught to go to school and get good grades in hope to merit a scholarship to attend
a prestigious college to learn a specialized field. Only to trade hrs for dollars for the rest of our career.

You see, programming comes from all the input of countless encounters with adults or influences in your path whether you are in school or at home or at the neighbors house as you are a child.
You hear comments that influence you no matter how positive or negative they may seem. When one
begins to habitually do something this will edge a path in their brain that causes them to continue to
associate patterns and behaviors with right or wrong feelings in which produces what is called Programming whether it is acceptable of not. To program means to insert or encode specific operating instructions. When this happens we usually react on impulse instead of responding on reflecting.

This produces premature decisions that will not in most cases be congruent to the desired outcome that we want. This causes what is known as a person to be striving in life instead of thriving. We want to Flow toward our destiny and not stumble and fall and get frustrated because we view life as hard because of all that we encountered that was etched in our mind.
We are really talking about the way the brain thinks and we can reference many books such as Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”
or “The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles” and many many more.

My point in this article is when our thoughts are not adjusted to a different way of thinking in order to reach a new destiny or a desired goal in which in our minds is only what seems to be a Dream, we usually have temporary failure, we must take in consideration that if it is something that we really, really want & it has been achieved by others then it must be our own Programming that prevents us from actually seeing in our minds eye the desired accomplished end results. These again are know as “Self Limiting Thoughts” and need to be erased from our minds by reconstructing habits and rehearsing the right approach in our minds. In other words, reprogram to a more positive outlook.

My closing Thoughts:
If you are considering a career change in Network Marketing you will definitely have to work on “Self Mastery” to achieve in this Industry. Because it will challenge your mediocrity way of thinking. I hope this article help you to make an informed decision as you are worth it and so deserve everything that Life has for you in this Powerful Industry. The real product is to become the NEW YOU.

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