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Yes “There Is Greatness In You”

See the very reason you are now reading this is because you are searching and aren’t satisfied with
what you are currently accepting as Life and it’s outcome.

I want to encourage you that you HAVE GREATNESS IN YOU.
You see the way we view Life is according to all the programming that we have
been exposed to. This is the number one reason that many fail, and most do not even
know this. With-in every person there is a strong desire to accomplish greatness although
their hindering factor is all the mental blocks called a ” SCOTOMA“. This word relates to a loss of

vision in a part of the visual field; blind spot. So whatever visual your mind connects with when someone
approach you with something that you aren’t familiar with, it triggers your awareness as to what feedback whether good or bad that you are currently programmed with and it categorizes it. Your sub-conscience asks is this relevant to your success or it will block you from acknowledging that this is Opportunity. Now Stop & ask yourself have you ever experience this.

When trained properly Greatness Within You will allow you to process this & identify with your gifts & talents in you and start to change you circumstances.
I assure you that when one begins to change the way one thinks he can tap into the infinite abundant wisdom within us. A phenomenal breakthrough and accomplishment will allow us to follow through with our Dreams of greatness. Then we see it is necessary to learn skills and develop changes of habits and ideologies that can create the persistence and consistence that achievers live by.
We then learn that there are ways that we can flow in a higher conscientiousness.

When we learn that we could flow in what is known as a competitive mindset and continuously block our purpose from moving forward in life in which allows us to never tap into our Greatness. When we flow in a creative mindset we are aware of wrong data & therefore when properly trained I may add we allow the reprogrammed Scotomas to paint a picture of our greatness.

The new created you is within and can be activated by drawing from the tenacity and desire that one has.
First, we must change our self talk and then develop affirmations that yield short time Goals that changes
patterns within our lives that finalizes our destiny. Knowing your Personality can help enhance this by learning your strengths and mastering them and knowing your weaknesses and developing them for YES There Is Greatness Within You..

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  • Melinda July 19, 2012, 9:14 am


    Yes, there is greatness in all of us. Thank you for inspiring all to find the greatness within. God bless.

  • admin August 4, 2012, 8:18 pm

    The first thing is to acknowledge that we have greatness in us & then embrace the courage to dare,
    and then faith to move forward.

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