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Do You Know what Energy Level you are Connecting With ?

In this post am going to share about how important it is to operate daily in Internal Harmony.

Everyday within our map of consciousness we live in a state of being that constitutes different

emotions that are derived by perceptions, attitudes,world views and spiritual beliefs.


These are know as high frequency or low frequency energy levels and

are directly associated with how we connect with a potential client

or business partner. This is why non-verbal communication is said to

connect 85% and 15% is verbal. In the outline below we will see a

scale that shows from 20 to 1000 numbered in order which will allow us to calibrate

energetically at different energy levels that are consistent with our consciousness level.

Whatever emotion we flow in whether we know it or not we connect with our counter partner

at that equivalent consciousness level whether high or low. Here are the orders as stated below.

CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL            Energy Level                 Emotion

                     Courage                                                     200                                      Affirmation

                        Pride                                                         175                                         Scorn

                        Anger                                                        150                                          Hate

                        Desire                                                        125                                          Need

                         Fear                                                           100                                       Anxiety

                        Greed                                                           75                                         Regret

                       Apathy                                                          50                                        Despair

                         Guilt                                                              30                                       Blame  

                          Shame                                                          20                                    Humiliation

When we hold on to the emotions above it allows us to calibrate

energetically at these lower frequencies. Your consciousness level

will allow you to flow more in resistance instead of connecting in the flow.

This is not in harmony with a attraction state of being. Now below we will

outline the higher frequencies of connecting in which will produce harmony

and allow you to prospect in the FLOW. This is in essence, aligning your energy

level with the highest vibrations. Because what we think about creates different

emotions in our body & these emotions will allow us to be in the Flow or be in a

state or resistance.


                  Neutrality                                                        250                                      Trust

                 Willingness                                                       310                                    Optimism

                 Acceptances                                                    350                                  Forgiveness

                  Reason                                                              400                               Understanding

                   Love                                                                  500                                   Reverence

                    Joy                                                                     540                                   Serenity

                  Peace                                                                   600                                      Bliss

          Pure Conscience                                          700 – 1000                    Enlightenment

These levels make us stronger and empower us exponentially to flow in a higher state of Being.

Whatever level we allow ourselves to calibrate at is the attraction level that we connect with-in

the energy of the universe and therefore we reflect what we are and attract more of what we release.

A person that operates at the energy level 125  will always attract people, situation and circumstances

that are always in a state of Need. These are indeed negative emotions.


So be open to assistance by flowing in positive emotions and understand that Being equals Having.

Stop any irrelevant feeling by replacing it with a affirmation that will continue to propel you forward

from the consciousness level of courage until your patterns of  a lower frequency will be replaced with

a higher frequency. This requires  practice & repetition. Here is the equation: Realize and Reflect on

your state of being in which is your consciousness level and then Release it by verbally canceling  out

old patterns or low frequency words that are generated from your low emotional state and then Replacing

it with high frequency words. These will generate a higher consciousness level & then propel us to have Peace

with-in that causes us to then to begin next to Flow in a Pure conscience. A place of Harmonious Enlightenment.


I hope this has helped you &  if it has leave me a comment. God Bless !!  Remember Work Harder on Yourself…

And you will Master your weakness & achieve your greatest desires.




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