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Knowing the Skills to Build your Network Marketing Business

Hello and welcome to another power Tip article on the essential skills to build

a Network Marketing Business. Many people fail at building a successful

business despite this platform being one of the most awesome business models

that in my opinion that is on the face of the earth. Although there are several

skills to learn to build a dynamic organizations. So let’s get started….

  •   People Skills Now when we  talk about people skills,  there are specific

skills in which are very key to your success like connecting instantly with potential

  prospects. Knowing the Four Major Personalities Traits will assist you to speak 

the language of the prospect.  Here  is a must book for you to read to learn how to

 make connecting more simple. ” How to win Friends & Influence People

by Dale Carnegie.

  • Closing SkillsNow after connecting there is fact finding or sometime

known as small talk in order to find out what is the direct selling point in which will

allow you to discover the prospects WHY or better described as their need for your
  business to solve their problem or address their need. We use the acronym


F = family, you ask if they are married and if they have children, If they do, get

them to tell you their spouses name and their child/children’s name and age. This

allows you to connect on a personal level. Also this will create trust with the

prospect. Let them talk about their family.

O = occupation, This will find out what strengths or talents they may have

& also to see if there is a dislike to what they are currently doing.

R =recreation, Always ask, “what do you like to do for fun or recreation and

then ask them do they get to do this much ? Their answer could very well open

up a solution approach.
M = message, now when we have built a rapport and know what personality

trait our prospect is ,then we can lead them by the information that they have

just gave us.

We give the quick message of our business & then close them by what there

“Why is in align with  solving their problem & addressing their need.

  • Three Way Call this is the way to allow the prospect to hear third

party validation. There is a skill involved here called “edification” in which

you the business builder would edify the support person while in return they

would do the same. This accredits you as a leader in which can assist the

prospect to the success he or she is looking for.

      The main skill is PERSONAL GROWTH

We will face every challenge without & within, so as I have written in one of my

other post called “Do you know what energy level you are connecting with” .

There are other skills to learn depending on online or offline building that we will

write about at a later time. So at this time go ahead and sign up for updates to hear

more from us as we add to our blog. Take care and God Bless...🙂

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