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“What are Thoughts in Relation to the Lifestyle”

I just recently was talking to a gentleman that was working for his brother cleaning a factory and his brother was paying him cash. I asked this man what was he doing before he started helping his brother and he said ” I draw a check and I am not going to be here very long because I don’t need to work. The world is full of people that are drawing a check and don’t want to make any different with their lives.

I call this a broke thought and even categorize it as a poverty mindset.

So when we think about what the book ” Think & Grow Rich” teaches
that thoughts are things. Most people have not been taught to take risks and are classified as the 98% that aren’t financially free.
There is a state called Unconscious Incompetence that I speak of
that really details that people don’t know what they don’t know.

You should want to be empowered & become coach-able and learn the principles that it take to make the necessary changes to allow your thoughts to transformed & then learn the skills and technical know how to achieve the financial freedom that you only have dreamed of.

Fear is the root means for all excuses & most are genuinely blinded
to the fact that this has been the pattern of thinking that has caused them to reap the lifestyles that isn’t conducive to a life of
financial freedom. So in closing don’t stay the way you are if it isn’t what you want. Click on the banner above & listen to the video
& sign up for updates and teachings that can put you in transition
to get out of debt and receive your chief aim in Life.
Remember your character is developed from your acts and thoughts &
it is your responsibility for all that goes into its development.

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