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Your Beliefs will Drive your Behavior

Daily, we are programmed by what we see or hear as we develop

what is known as our Philosophy.

This is defined as the rational

investigation of truths and principles of being. This relates to the knowledge

he encounters and will display his conduct.

Over a course of life many times there are genuine concerns for change

from a current reality that is not serving us, to a preferred reality in which we believe will offer us a better quality of achievement.

Statistically, when we are actually faced with a solution, everything that we believe will

challenge us in whether we make a decision that is conducive to what could change our lives or we result

to rationalizing & then we stay the same & accepting life as it is.

We attract that which we secretly harbor in our thoughts. Circumstances does not make the man, it reveals him to himself.

 We never moved out of a comfort zone because of what is known as SELF-IMPOSEDLIMITATIONS…..

 Our Beliefs are the factor here because we continue not to face up with the fears of change..

Most people believe that they can’t have the success they want because of external conditions

like the economy is down, people don’t have the money, geographical location etc.

These are truly wrong beliefs and will transform our destiny if not evaluated & changed.

With people, the fear of lost is greater than the desire of gain.

All we have to do to change this is to change what we are focusing on.

Take a deep breath now and hold it in about 5 seconds, regroup your thinking.

Don’t focus on what you fear,practice controlling your thoughts & changing your

beliefs .  When we focus on fear  it becomes reality to us because this is actually

what we expect, so this is what we will attract, more fearful situation.

So again our fearful behavior becomes a direct result of our belief.


The bad thing about this is, every time you give in to a mental crease rather

positive or negative, it will become a behavior pattern  that will drive your belief.

So in closing , if you where able to improve yourself , would you ?

Please leave some comments as you think about your current reality vs your preferred reality.


Really, Stay in touch for more Mind Stuff & thought vibration  that are creating

life situations…

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