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The Four Ways of Learning to get Results

Four_Levels_Of_KnowledgeWhen it comes to

 being able to get Results 

in this Industry, there

 are four ways of learning

 that must take place and 

they are essential to the success

of any Network Marketer.


The Number one level we must accept is to be coach-able on how to do the nuts & bolts of

this business. The learned knowledge is the way to get your quick ROI. Simply listen and 

be coach-able to learn all the practical  action steps that is necessary to accomplish the initial


 business ethics. There is a training balance scale that is spoken of by Kevin Trudeau

in his CD 25 Secrets to wealth Creation.

He explains that a  person on the scale of 1 to 10, should be at least a 8 or above of being

teach-able and also willing to Change once they have learned the techniques that is required 

to Win and have a successful business.


The Number two level is the Activity knowledge & this could consist of several ways to  

expose your business. Here are some examples, PBR or Private Business Reception, DVD

or an online presentation or a teleconference presentation. Also if available there may be 

a weekly event to start your activity-driven game plan. This is exposing your business

known as the activity knowledge. You want to expose at least two people daily using one of

these third party tools.

    The Third way is Modeling Knowledge, and this is powerful and falls in a Goals category.   First you want to decide what you want and write it all down, then find if you haven’t already someone who has achieved what you want and model what he or she did. Doing exactly what   they did is the art of modeling knowledge. Also access your goals daily. In doing this not only  do you achieve your desired results ,but you have a way of measuring your progress. Darren Hardy  says ” You Can’t improve what you don’t measure”.  


  Last by not least, this is the most awesome level because when you reach this level and have  mastered the other three, this one is what pays the most. Network marketing is a teaching,  mentoring and nurturing business. Teaching knowledge consist of taking all the books   and audiotapes programs and the skills that you have learned in the seminars and classes that you have attended and simply teach it to those you sponsor. Remember , always keep it simple & do things that can duplicate. Remember what Zig Ziglar said, ” If You help enough People get  what they want, then you can get what You want”.
In Christ and To Your Success

All success begins with this process,starting with the Learning, doing the activity and then modeling someone successful and then teaching it selfishly  with 

the idea of others doing the same.

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