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Good Habits, Bad Habits, Spot The Difference

Good Habits/ Bad Habits




 When it comes to success in Life or business, it is essential that you evaluate what  

isn’t conducive to your end results.

 You have got to figure out what the potential difference is and make changes in errors of judgment. 


In the book written by John Maxwell called ” Failing Forward” he states that 90% of all those who fail at something  

is not defeated, they just simply quit because they don’t accept the responsibility that they chose the wrong method

or process to accomplish the end result that they desired. You must develop from your errors of judgments.


 We must not focus on getting ahead of others, but focus on getting ahead of ourselves. 

 This does require a Change For Life because it is easy to dodge our responsibilities

but we can not dodge the consequences. Let’s talk a little about human nature  because

 everyone has what I call core beliefs that states how  you really believe about yourself.

 It is  better known as Your Identity & this relates to the actions you take in life that

 portrays your Performance. 


The key to behavior change or shall we say building better habits is your identity.

 Really, every action you exhibit is driven by the fundamental belief that it is possible.  

So in the midst of changing your identity you start to change the person that you 

 believe you are. Your actions must also change.  


This may be from a self assessment of realizing that you had some bad habits  

that misrepresented who you really wanted to be. 


This relates to , sticking to new habits & not attempting  to achieve a

 performance based goal without changing your identity.

 If we aren’t careful we will try to achieve results before proving to

 ourselves that we have the identity of the new person we want to be.  


 We should construct a  mental inventory of the drawbacks that are

 currently keeping us from making  habitual changes and exclude them  

from our daily routine, remembering to discipline yourself to be aware of every 

 limiting thought.


Understand that all change , whether positive or negative , is necessary and

 will ultimately support you in ways that sustains your growth. 

Let’s talk about Attention, this word derives from the Latin word attendere,

 which means, “to turn one’s mind towards” – to turn one’s mind or perhaps 

 one’s senses; the act or of applying the mind or an object of sense or thought. 


So in order to change habits , we must take possession by the mind, clearly 

& vividly.

This implies withdrawal from some things in order to deal effectively with others. 

Our inherent mental powers of attention affects us in many ways. We focus our  

attention towards our perception of reality. What we look at may not be what we 

attend to. Basically, we can direct our attention to the outside world or the inside 

world within. Change starts when you attend to your thoughts


The more you can control your attention the more you attract the things

 in your life that you really want. Be decisive, don’t get absorbed with  

negative things in your life because to much focus on this will create that

 as a reality. This is why it is so important that you must train you attention.   


In closing I want you to start to deliberately choose where you want to

 place your attention. The more free attention you have, the happier you feel  

the more power you have to control what is happening in you life. This is how 

you spot the difference in good habits or bad habits. 


Develop your talents and unique strengths and set goals to achieve every task 

 you desire in life that will assist you in accomplishing your Dreams. 

 This is your life & you are worth it…… 

 Leave me a your comments as to your thoughts on this post…  




James A Buckley


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