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Being retired has it’s benefits

retire_plan When it comes to  Baby boomers, this is the most critical time in history

for those that are looking to retire and maybe receive some kind of pension.

Being retired does have it’s benefits, although most at this critical time

in their lives can’t afford to retire.


In the united states along there are 78,000,000 baby boomers.

It is estimated that 52% of baby boomers don’t have enough

retirement savings or investments to live on.

Some are being forced into retirement at an earlier age only to find

out that the global financial storm is more relevant than imagined.


Most don’t know what to do about it & are trusting in our Government.


The Government do not have enough money to finance the

type of programs  they are hoping for, unless they increase the taxes.


It is essential that no matter how old or young for that matter that we

begin to arm ourselves with a Financial education. We aren’t living in


the Industrial  age anymore. We are living in a Information age and we must

learn how to re- position ourselves as the rules of money has changed.


We can’t focus on job security, savings  & retirement plans. Inflation is

rising and more & more people are falling into the poverty level.

The rich are going to get richer & the poor & middle class will grow

poorer due to taxes and inflation.


Our traditional educational system don’t teach financial education,

instead they continue the process of  creating  employees.


We must position ourselves to learn skills that will prepare us for

the real world of business. Here are three non-traditional  must that

will assure one for entrepreneurial advances.

  • How to use debt to invest
  • Develop sales skills ( this = income)
  •  Learn how to reduce taxes paid


So if you are approaching retirement over the next five to ten years,

I have a question for you . Do you have any passive income streams ?

Do you have any non-taxable income?


Yes being retired has it’s benefits, if you have a financial education

and you are plugged into the right system to earn ongoing passive income.


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to Learn, Implement & empower others…..



                          James A Buckley
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