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Changing Life: From the Cooperate America Rat Race

Wow, it is 2014  on Christmas eve

I wanted to share this article with those of you that desire to not only make changes for yourself,but to master the skill-sets,techniques, and changing of formats

in the information age that we live in as an online marketer as the World Wide Web advances. Every year thousands of people get tired of the monotony of trading

hours for dollars or not getting the recognition for their expertise & desire to make a difference. They  go online to find something that can change their condition.

They want out of the cooperate america rat race.

I know if you are reading this you may fit that model.

If so ask yourself two questions.

  • Are you willing to Learn
  • Are you willing to Change  stick_figure_presenting_blank_board_text_10892

This is called the teach-ability Index. I have often spoke with individuals that desired to make a financial & career

change and just stated “just show me how to do it and I will do it”. Now I admire the zeal to go get it and this is a reflection

of their personality. The Choleric personality has a motto that states get out of my way. You can look at my chart on personalities here.

My main concern in this post is to connect with readers that are coach-able and think that we can be a fit.

I have made up  my mind that I want to do all that is required of me and have invested in my education and

have endured the learning curb to become a leader in this Industry. I believe that the Network Marketing Industry is set up as the church is. A Pastor has a vision to empower

new converts to learn their identify and poses their gifts and become who they are destined to be. A process that happens as a relationship is established and the believer taps

into their source of power. I am convinced that God has that same pattern in the structure of the Network Marketing platform. So this is why I am so compassionate about both

my faith in my calling as a Christian and now knowing I am called to empower people to be open to a concept that teaches a person to not be a proletariat- defined as the laboring

class; especially: the class of industrial workers who lack their own means of production and hence sell their labor to live. A phrase we all are familiar with is “Trading Hours For Dollars”. So thousands of people are programmed this way and not taught from early ages to become entrepreneurs and make money to become Capitalist-a person who uses their money

to produce more money and capitalism as the best kind of economic system. By the way this quadrant is taxed less than the employee. So if this fits your desire give us a opportunity to teach you these concepts in the evolving Information age that can make the difference in you and your families life. You can fill out a form by clicking Team Building.



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