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7 great reasons to Start a Business Today

In todays economy of the failing job market there are many reasons for starting your own business

and in this post I WIL share seven reasons why I love the industry of free enterprise.

1.Time Freedom

Thousands of people across the entrepreneur marketplace say that the main reason that they start a business

is independence. A study within 25 countries an average of 38% of people cited that independence as a motivation.

The US scored 35% of entrepreneurs stating that freedom was the reason  while 39% in the UK. Across the country

to Australia and Japan, it was as high as 57%. Freedom is having more control over your life & having the power to direct

your life the way that you desire and not have to answer to a employer as to when you can go on vacation or any other

family matters. When I speak of freedom I am not speaking of a owning a Job as to where if you don’t show up you

don’t make any money. I am speaking of a leveraging business that you build solid from the beginning and then

later in life you can really enjoy the benefits of the hard work that you put in earlier. Network Marketing to be exact.

2Make Awesome Money 

Learning and mastering a business model has proved to be successful and can result in being a steward of lots of money.

Money is a big reason why many people start a business.

While it a common motive, there are still a percentage of entrepreneurs who state this as not being their reason.

It is said that money doesn’t buy you happiness. Some scholars state that after a certain amount of income, more money doesn’t make

you happier. The main reasons I believe to have unlimited amounts of money is to be a good steward of it and meet some needs to

charity organizations that have so many concerns for helping and supplying the needs for the less fortunate. What a humbling


3. Learning New skills

I am not speaking of having a MBA or some type of formal education, when I speak of this topic. By all means this isn’t corporate

world. When you start your own business I am speaking from my own experience and in most cases you pick up skills as you grow.

Changing from a employee mind-set to a entrepreneurial mind-set is a great shift from your old programming. According to a

study again 65% of interviewed entrepreneurs stated that a career change and mind you this is a huge skill change and to keep

learning was their reason for starting their business.  Jim Rohn stated that all the money that he accomplished in his business

wasn’t the greatest thing that changed his life. He stated that the education was the most significant change. You need skills that

will allow you to communicate and bring in customers and business developers. Entrepreneurship lets you learn those skills and

apply them as you growth your business.

4. Tax Advantages

Most people aren’t even aware of the tax cuts that they are can receive. As a small business owner, you are entitled great tax breaks.

If you run your business from home you can count certain percentage of you utilities according to your office space. Also business expenses

are the cost of carrying on a business. They are usually deductible if your business is categorized as a profitable business. Just a quick list

of items that can be deducted are magazine subscriptions, phone services, travel mileage, and membership in some professional organizations.

Being from America and am speaking on this understanding, you are in some cases able to write-off 10% by having a business.

5. Leverage the Internet

The internet is a awesome interactive source of any business. Businesses can leverage the internet to advertise, blog, sell products, and reach

a wider audience than ever before. I the business model of Network Marketing there is a huge advantage than just the traditional way of

word of mouth. It has worked and still has it’s benefits although programs like My Lead System Pro has made it a lot easier to reach your

target market whether it is a current business developer that has problems building his/her business as he would love to or a potential person

that is looking for a way to build a business online. Great opportunity to train up leaders to accomplish every reason here in this post to build

a successful business.  Great training on a host of tools that is relevant to building a successful business and making starting a business easier.

6. Escape the Rat Race

Many people are tired of the rat race of grinding everyday, although because of fear of failure and uncertainty they stay in the dreaded

daily routine. Statistically 65% of Americans are unsatisfied with their current jobs. Also 75% of them are living from paycheck to paycheck.

So many people are worn down with their jobs. You may be in that same boat as you read this. The rat race is defined as an employment

situation marked by tedious work and high stress. Can I remind you that the solution to this problem is to start your own business.

A friendly reminder that a business of your own isn’t easy or stress free, but it is yours: the freedom, skills, leveraging the internet, tax

breaks and the money plus a opportunity to escape the rat race is great not to mention the last

7. Create a Challenge

I want to ensure you that if you start a business it will require a lot of free time in the beginnings days of your start up. Also their are three

factors that will assure you to accomplish your hearts desire. Those three factors are a correct vehicle, system and great leadership. Do your due

diligence to research the potential investment. Be willing to work on your personal development and have passion & commitment and plan

properly to reach your goals on a daily bases. some people start a business because they like a challenge. If this isn’t you then be prepared

to deal with the change of mind-set that can proved trialing. a study stated   that 37% of people said that starting a business wasn’t hard.

While starting a business & succeeding isn’t guaranteed the main thing to remember is you don’t have to be great to start but you have to

start to be GREAT. Leave me your comments on this article and let me know your concerns or questions.


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  • BLOSSOM February 26, 2017, 2:28 am

    Great one! I have started my mlm business but l am not happy yet because l am still struggling .
    I like to have a mentor in you please.
    I really neef help.
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  • James February 27, 2017, 8:30 pm

    Hello Are you on Facebook or do you have the WhatsupApp ?

  • Fortunato November 30, 2018, 4:48 am

    I have started my online business recently by way of getting membership from the different affiliate program. However, till this time I am still struggling to get result. It is a beneficial practice for me to read valuable articles, blog that would enrich my knowledge. Thanks for this informative
    ideas you shared.

  • James January 19, 2019, 6:34 pm

    Awesome I am glad that the information has been helpful for you, what is your biggest struggle?

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