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The Four Levels Of Understanding

Four Levels Of Understanding

When it comes to success in life, there are some things that we are ignorant of. These things put us in a state of mind called “Unconscious Incompetence” we don’t know what we don’t know.

Then we become aware of our condition we become “Conscious Incompetence” because we figure out we was off course because we didn’t know what was necessary.

The next state is “Conscious Competence” when we begin to learn and master the correct skill-sets until we become “Unconscious Competence” we have corrected the errors of judgment & did the to the degree that we just unconsciously do what is necessary to accomplish the success that we desire.

After mastering the skills and doing it for a long period of time, we begin to flow in a state called “Unconscious Competence” we just automatically do what makes us gain the momentum that creates the success we longed for.

Strive to get to this last level of understanding and you will become valuable to the marketplace.

James A. Buckley James A Buckley
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