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Prospecting Vs Lead Generation or Attraction Marketing


When you start a direct sales or a network marketing business, you are in a position that you want targeted people to talk to & if you do what your support team tell you to do, you will become familiar with terms such as networking, cold market and three foot rule.

The online marketing is different, especially if you use paid strategies utilizing mlm lead generation concepts such as the attraction marketing formula or some passive marketing techniques.

These consist of learning social media marketing & some internet marketing strategies that positions you as a online lead generation specialist.

These skills require training from some of the online Attraction Marketing Systems like MLSP or EMP to learn specific active prospecting & passive marketing skills.

In this video we share some key aspect of this type of mlm lead generation and invite you at the end to grab some free training.

Grab the ten prospecting tips that will set you apart by clicking here10 Tricks

James_A_Buck;ley James A. Buckley Attraction Marketing System
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