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Setting Up Your Network Marketing Business Like a Franchise


When it comes to how to start a Online Business, it is critical that we model the way the Top Franchises are set up.

This will put in place strategies of starting your own business in the category of how networking training & mlm training are teaching their business developers to build strong attraction marketing business’s.

It patterns a subway franchise & has several small business ideas that relates to getting people in by using a magnet & then up-sell them on the back end product such as the idea of weight loss.

When we want to create Network Market Leads we offer a idea magnet to our target audience to get them in our pipeline to build a relationship with them in trust that we can eventually market our retail product to them.

This is attracting marketing 101. In this video we discuss all the factors of this concept comparing it to a McDonald franchise.

James A. Buckley James A Buckley
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