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Are You Using Video ? Seven Video Types You Should be Using..


Five Of Seven Video Types Used For Marketing

There are several ways to expose yourself in the video arena
and more than the seven that I talk about in this video.

So just position yourself to get in front of your audience and share some value with them that could change their lives.

  1. Talking Head – This is what most people think of when they think video.

2. Interview — Interview videos can be two or more people on camera, or can be “news style” with the interviewer off camera.

3. Powerpoint Video – Another popular format is the narrated PowerPoint to share a illustrated Idea.

4. Live Demo (on-camera) –On camera demonstrations can be one of the most effective videos you can produce.

5. Sales Video – You could argue that any video is a sales video, but here we’re referring to a video sales pages.















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