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How to Overcome Four Pitfalls That Will Help You Become Intentional


When Building a business online you must understand what pitfalls you will face that may keep you from being Intentional.

There are several business’s everyday that never acknowledge
these thereby resulting in failure.

Most of the time these are sub-conscience programming because of past employee mind-sets or just learned behavior that’s practiced because it’s not taught in formal education.

They are as follows:
1. Avoid Negative Words

When we constantly use negative words as statements or phrases it become a part of a mental practice because the sub-conscience mind picks up on those as a picture that relates to the exact word we use.

Examples: I’ll Try – maybe – but –  I wish or I hope

2. Remove Negations

A negation is a contradiction or denial typically involving having a positive thought with a internal dis-belief that creates what is called a Nero Dissonance that establishes chaos.

The mind will seek to justify tensions between your expectations and your beliefs.

3. Set Specific Time Frames

Having written time frames of when you expect to accomplish your task will always create realistic measures of how to get things conducted in the increments that;s more logical & real to you and will keep you on track from falling captive to procrastination.

4. Be Precise

Precision is key when you are looking to get results and they aren’t quite on track to your expectations. This will allow you to again track what went wrong and make tweaks to get you back on track.

You see what you measure you can always change.

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