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The Law Of Least Effort And No Resistance


When you are prospecting and you desire to get a better ratio, it is essential to not be connected to the results.

There are several reasons that this will apply to your business, although

we are going to give you three components to be mindful of.


1. The Component of Acceptance

When you accept people,situations, circumstances, and events as they occur because you understand that everything is as it is at the very moment that you encounter it.

If you accept them as they are at that moment then you will not struggle with how things turn out.

2. The Component Of Responsibility

When you take responsibility for your situation for all occasions , this means that you aren’t blaming anyone or anything in relation to seeing it as a problem. Napoleon Hill once said that within every problem there is a opportunity in disguise.

Therefore you understand that within your alertness to every opportunity that occurs, it will yield a moment to transform into a greater benefit.

You don’t lose in life you either win or learn.

3. The Component of Defenselessness

Within this you understand that you relinquish your need to defend your point of view. You feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept your point of view. You remain open to all points of view and never get rigidly attached to any one of them.

In other words you are married to the process & you divorce the outcome.


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