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10 Questions That You Should Have Already Answered About Your Prospect


When it comes to attracting your target audience and staying relevant to their needs, you must know their struggles.

This will always consist of solving their most pressing problems and answering their questions that keeps them from having the success they desire.


Every human being is structured in a manner that they are constantly transitioning from a place of pain to a place of pleasure.

The first key to changing lives, if you have studied your target audience is to know what will make a difference to them.

This always results in finding out how to create a solution and make it available in the form of some type of training.

This could be a PDF or Cheat sheet or a video training or perhaps even a webinar.




This is called a lead magnet because the prospect that find you will give you in exchange their name and email for that solution.

There are 10 questions that we share in this video that will give you a open mindset to how to market to your target audience.

  1.What Keeps Them Up at Night ?

With every new assignment as a business consultant, there is a deep desire to learn how to make the most of every opportunity. When you know this, you can create a solution for your prospect. This in return places you as a authority in their site.

2.What Are They Afraid Of ?

Fear of failure is a known factor for network marketers. When you can change that fear to confidence then you have made a friend.

3.What are they angry about ?

Sometimes the answer to someones anger issue can be a reason that positions you as a confidant. Study your market to provide these answers.

Who are they angry at?

If they aren’t getting any help from their up-line or support team then you may have the support that they are looking for. Remember: Friends First…

4. What are Their top Three daily Frustration?


Frustration can really drive a person to QUIT on their dreams.

Some are: A. Prospecting- finding the right potential business partners..

B. Presenting – Sharing the right tools to get your prospects all their answers to their questions.

C. Closing – After getting back with the prospect after they have seen the presentation, most struggle with get the sale.

5.What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?

Remember that cultural and fads don’t impress people in the marketplace. Although knowing how to get in front of trends can really make you stand out as a marketer.


6.What do they secretly, ardently desire the most ?

What makes people happy when it come to life? It is said that the main three things that most people want is to provide for their family and create a safety environment and also give them leisure time to enjoy themselves on family vacations.



7.Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions ?

With this in mind it is essential to know how to pick up on the prospects personality with 30 to 60 seconds in order to speak their language & know really what are their unique communication points to break down any barriers of trust.




In other word, you want to know what their personality is in order to know how they decide. Here is a post to share more about personalities.


8. Do they have their own language?

Always remember that when your language can be alignment with mirroring and matching your prospect, this will be very beneficial.

9.Who else is selling something similar to their product, and how?

When you have done your research on the similar product that’s in the marketplace, this will give you a edge on how to stand out from your competitors.

10.Who else has tried selling them something similar, and how has that effort failed?

Knowing the lack of skills or professionalism that someone failed to connect with can sharpen your approach with a prospect that doesn’t expect to get a superb response from you as a practiced confident marketer. Make sure you meet those standards.

When you learn how to analyze thoroughly and understand your target market then you can connect with them and be more available to solve their problems.











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