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4 tips On How to Build an Online Following


                    4 Tips On How To Build An Online Following

There are  some specifics for every marketer that desire to bring their business online and build an online following,

whether social media or a central hub.

There are four tips that I want to share in this post.

1. Build trust

The Know, like and trust factor can’t be ignored because people join people instead of products or companies.

When you understand that this is the essence of how to build an online presence you automaticlly win.

After all statistics state that it takes about seven to twelve exposures with a potential client before they will decide to buy or join you

2. Being Consistent

You must always be giving value and sharing concepts, strategies and tips that can empower your target
audience with help to meet their needs. When they see that you are consistent about helping them with valuable insight, it produces a long term following. They begin to anticipate your emails and anxiously look to read what you are sharing.

3. Focus on Results instead Of Products and Services

Every time a marketer has his focus on their products or services instead of getting results for his followers, in the long run they will loose.

People don’t want to be sold although they do want to buy. When you focus on your followers results, they will in return reciprocate the efforts.

4. Serve and not Sale


This attitude will in return produce a open relationship because they will see that you are genuinely interested in their concern. People can tell if you are out to assist them or sale them. Transparency has always developed a hook factor between your potential client and business developer.

Non-verbal communication is 93% and you must have a genuine interest in helping other people solve their most pressing problems.










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