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8 Facebook Features That Can Boost Your Marketing


When we learn how to use Facebook Marketing correctly with all the features that are available then we can be effective.

Being the largest social network, Facebook has a desire to help businesses with every marketing strategy. Always being one of the most highly updated app platforms. By constantly improving and making updates it has become more reliable with Facebook features on both Android and Iphone as well as laptops & desktop computers both Mac and PC.

The question that is at hand is: Are you engaged with the most recent Facebook features ? If not as a marketer, then you are missing out on something great. In this article we share the top 8 Facebook features, which you want to schedule in your marketing plans for the future.


So when it comes to social media marketing & learning how to boost your marketing, it is essential to utilize all of these Facebook features.

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They are as following:
1. Video Discovery

This feature has allowed video browsing within the hub of Facebook? Making things easier, the video search engine allows the users to browse through the top videos as well as videos from friends and family, on their mobile devices.








2. Expressions & Profile

With this feature you can now put in a profile video, which were launched in 2015? Now a user is allowed only through a mobile device to take and upload a video (of up to 7 seconds) and make it their profile video.










3. The Messenger Platform

And now such a popular feature, Facebook opened up Messenger Platform bots to all businesses. The messenger bots simply serve a business with an opportunity to connect with the customers in unique ways. It has a lot to offer, ranging from subscription automation, e-commerce purchases, to customized communications with clients with such as video calling, chats with groups, recording voice messages and even knowing when people have seen your text.



4. Live API

With now there being a competitive market for videos, it was not a huge task for Facebook to place a greater emphasis on this task. They begun by creating a immersive experiences for all mobile users by focusing on the importance of video on social media, which lead to the announcement of the new “Facebook Live API”. So, now there is an all new approach for developers and publishers to craft interactive live video experiences.

So now businesses have the freedom to stream Facebook Live broadcasts. At the beginning of the year, it was announced that more than 100 million hours of video are being watched per day on Facebook.

5. Quote sharing
6. Share on Facebook
7. Virtual Reality
8. Save Button














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