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Lead Generation: How To Change Cold Prospects Into Qualified Leads


When it comes to Lead Generation from a Cold Prospect standpoint, how do you Change them to a Qualified Lead ?


When it comes to building a business in the Network Marketing Industry, it is essential to find people that you can share your vision with.

Lead generation is key when you are building a brand online instead of creating a list of friends and family or anyone that can fog up a mirror.

We shouldn’t have to ever make a cold call when responding to someone with technology as it is. The internet and social media has really made it possible to screen individuals. You can if the option is available find targeted prospects online and get an idea of how to build a relevant rapport by observing a profile.

With the correct observation this will in return give you something to edify a potential cold prospect. When you haven’t spoken to a potential prospect prior before approaching them, they are considered a cold prospect. When reaching out to them for the first time, this is called a cold call especially if we haven’t did any research to learn anything about them.


Here are five keys to turning Cold Prospects To Qualified Leads

1. Establish a Connection Or Need

Your objective should always be to start a process of building trust and credibility, not to make the sale in the first meeting. You must build a know, like and trust with every prospect. This is called a sales process and you start by building rapport, uncovering needs, articulating value, and gaining commitment. This may take some time until you master this skill. You must establish a connection and build rapport while uncovering needs in the first connection.

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2. Always connect with Posture

Posture is defined as the attitude a person has toward a subject. You must have confidence in your conscious mental reasoning for connecting with your potential cold prospect.

Remember that non-verbal communication is said to be 93%.

A. 55 % – Body Language such as facial expressions, gestures an of course Posture.

B.  37% -Tonality or vocal elements such as voice inflections

C. 7% –  Vocal content such as the actual words that are used

3. Do Research

Do your research: Having  knowledge of a cold prospect prior is a good thing. A lot of knowledge is powerful. You must give yourself the best chance for a successful connection by finding out as much as you can about the prospect and their strengths and their needs, and of course their focus. In order for a prospect to feel non-threaten, they can discern if you’ve taken the time to learn about what’s going on in their world.

4. Provide Value

Determine what you can offer of value to the prospect, not just once you start working with them, but right there in the first connection?  Provide insight and information that entail the personal value you can share to show the prospect what it will be like to do business with you. Essentially, you want to answer all the questions that would assure the prospect of your capability. “Why is working with you going to be beneficial ?”


5. Be Genuine

You must always be married to the process and not attached to the outcome. Knowing that your prospect may not be a match allows you to only use your connection as a opportunity to just carry the cold prospects through a process that only is to end up with them as qualified leads.  Once you have determined that everybody isn’t ready to make a change, then you become genuinely interested in finding out how you can really help people. Always keep an open door to return to them at a later date if the timing isn’t right.





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