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10 Rules In Prospecting That Will Make You A Better Conversationalist


 Active prospecting requires you to be a good conversationalist without causing any resistance.


If you apply these 10 rules in connecting with potential targeted prospects, then you can create better results.




1. Be genuinely interested in People

Network marketing, mlm or direct sales requires you to build people and  they will build the business.

You must be specifically interested in people. The main focus is to find out how you can solve a person’s most pressing issue & this will always prompt you to have a genuine interest in people.

2. Focus on the positives

When you connect with people whether hot, warm or cold market, you must always focus on the positives because people will be mostly employee minded.
3. Converse not debate or Argue

When talking  to your prospects you don’t ever want to argue about what they may think or not think in relation to product or service. Always exchange your thoughts and be open to listen to your prospects ideas or feedback.
4. Respect don’t impose,criticize,or judge.

There will always be someone that will say something that you don’t like. Always respond by saying, “ I totally understand _________, although have you ever looked at it this way? ” You will always get better response when you agree and then ask a question.
5. Put a person in his or her best light

The most communicated way to get a person to be open to you is to give a authentic compliment to them. Notice something that you can commend them about whether it be their voice or their posture or attentiveness.


6. Embrace differences while building on commonalities.

Speak always about the common interest that you pick up from the prospect in relation to their positiveness that will be effective for them in business.

7. Be True to Yourself

If they ask you a personal question or even give you some hard facts that they have encountered, then tell them the truth and not try to avoid the question. Be willing to respond by saying ” Based on what you just said, Are you willing to take the responsibility to achieve the results that you desire?”

8. 50/50 Rule

Ask questions although always be tentative to listen to see how you can address the prospects needs. When prospecting you must listen with a genuine interest to benefit the other party. “ALWAYS”

9. Ask purposed Questions

When you ask open ended questions and listen then you get a genuine response. ” What are your goals for this year” ” What influenced you to start looking for a business in the first place?” Asking elicit questions will in return give you elicit responses.

10. Always have a give & take attitude

Be reminded that when you ask someone anything while prospecting you must be aware that you may get a response that you may not care for. Respond by asking “What do you mean by that?” or “ Be more specific ?









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