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How to Get more People to Join your Network Marketing Business


Learning how to get people to join your Network Marketing business is key when it comes to this business model.



When it comes to getting people to make a solid decision about joining your Network Marketing Business, it is critical to learn people skills.

It will always relate to how many people you can share a opportunity to solve a current problem they are facing. You must be genuinely interested in people without causing any  interruptions with their current lifestyle while building rapport.


I share this concept here in this video with the acronym L.O.V.E. on how to get people to join your Network Marketing Business.


1. Listening & watching

You must be interested in people therefore always willing to have conversations that will give you an opportunity to ask probing questions. The key point is to be listening to see if there is a need. Once you find a need you want to form a comment that offers your solution to that specific need.

Examples: How do love the job that you are currently doing ? How long have you been currently working there?

2. Offer Solutions

Once you find out how to address what issues that they currently having, it will then be time to package your response in the form of a solution.

When you offer answers to problems with your product or service then you can have great results. After all your potential prospect is looking for answers. It is up to you to be skillful enough to listen and find out exactly how you can be of help.

3. Value based

When you have a genuine interest to help people you will respond with a attitude of educating your prospect. You must be married to the process and never attached to the outcome. Non-verbal communication is 92% and you must always flow at a high level of energy with posture whether you get a sale or not.

4. Enjoy what you are doing

When you love what you do then you will be great at it. Always have a attitude of gratitude knowing that you are helping people build their network marketing business.

If you love what you are doing then you will always get better and better therefore helping enough people to get what they want. Don’t do anything that you do not have passion to do.


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