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15 Ways That Successful People Avoid Wasting Time

Time is the most important asset we as entrepreneurs have in common, so how we avoid wasting time is important.







There are fifteen time wasters that successful people avoid and we are going to share them with you below…

  1. Not Listening

Failure to listen to sound counsel and take in information that would change your life will waste time if not implemented.

      2. Not Finishing

The easiest way to measure how effective someone is with their time is to see what they actually get done. Successful people are always great finishers.

      3. Working Late

Working consistent long hours numbs your brain and hurts your connections in relationships and also could stifle your creativity.

       4. Lack Of Focus

Lack of focus and shifting priorities will always create unnecessary chaos for people that are in alignment for success.

        5. Bad Planning

Putting time into planning negates the need to waste time making adjustment in the long run.



         6. Technology Interruptions

Don’t allow technology to be an distraction because it is a great asset if properly used.

        7. Initiative Overload

Biting off to much is a sure way to over complicate things and can become unproductive.

         8. Drop-In-Visits

Every business should have a open door policy, although don’t allow unscheduled interruptions derail your focus.

         9. Bad Delegation

Successful leaders view delegation as proper alignment of resourcing and match every task to avoid unnecessary challenges.

 10. Poor Organization 

As a leader we should never have a lack of organizational skills. We must solve this issue because it is a silent time waster.

         11. Procrastination

Real leaders never avoid big issues, they attack them head on. Be proactive or you will find yourself in a reactionary defensive posture.

         12. Improper use of ” Yes & No”

Good leadership understand that questions deserve more than a answer, they deserve a correct answer. Don’t just answer, be Intentional.

          13. Unproductive Meetings

Don’t allow yourself to be added to nonsense meetings that waste your valuable time. Some people like to hear themselves speak.

          14. Not Learning

This one is big, because if you don’t allow yourself to continue to grow and develop, how do you expect to make the most of your time?

Great leaders are always ahead of the learning curve and know who and what to invest their time in.

         15. Not Engaging

You must spend time in collaboration and dialog with others or you will miss significant opportunities. After all every business is successful because of the people and connections they encounter.


A good quote on time is: “When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.”
― A. W. Tozer









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