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4 Emotional Intelligence Skills To Empower Yourself and Relationships Effectively

When it comes to emotional intelligence there are four fundamental capabilities & each are described by their skills in this video & article below:



1. Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Self-awareness

This is the ability to read & understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on work performance & also on relationships.

  • Accurate Self-assessment

These capabilities has to with a realistic evaluation of your strengths & limitations.

  • Self -Confidence

With this you want to have a strong and positive sense of self -worth. A poor self-image can harm one’s character.

2. Self-Management

  • Self -Control

This has to do with the ability to keep disruptive emotions & unwanted impulses under control.

  • Trustworthiness

When we think about this, it’s a consistent display of honesty and integrity.

  • Conscientiousness

This has to do with the ability to manage yourself and your responsibilities. WHEN YOU are aware of your Income producing activities and stay active in implementation, you will accomplish breakthrough in self-management.

  • Adaptability

When we speak of this skill we are talking about being able to adjust to changing situations and overcoming obstacles.

  • Achievement Orientation

You must operate in this because it is the drive to meet all internal standards of excellence.

  • Initiative

We must have a readiness to seize all profitable opportunities with out doubt.

The last two emotional Intelligence qualities has to do with our Relationships.

3. Social Awareness

  • Empathy

This skill is about sensing other people’s emotions and understanding their perspective and being ready to take a active interest in their concerns.

NOTE: Dale Carnegie teaches this in ” How To Win Friends & Influence People” Grab it here !

  • Organisational Awareness

This is the ability to read the currents of a organisational life and build a decision networks.

  • Service Orientation

This is the ability to recognize & meet customers needs. Customer service is important if you are to have lifetime clients.

4. Social Skill

  • Visionary Leadership

This is the ability to take charge and inspire with a compelling vision.

  • Influence

This is not coning or craftiness, but the ability flow in a range of persuasive tactics.

  • Developing Others

You must learn how to always as a leader to be able to develop leaders. This skill must range from several abilities within the spectrum of much feedback and guidance.

NOTE: John Maxwell has a great resource called ” Five Levels Of Leadership: Proven steps to Maximize Your Potential” GRAB IT HERE !

  • Communication

This is a skill of listening and sending a clear, convincing and very well-tuned message.

  • Change Catalyst

This is having the proficiency to initiate new ideas and lead people in a new direction if the opportunity occurs.

  • Conflict Management

You must also have the ability to reduce any level of intensity and disagreement with ensuring way to provide resolutions if needed.

  • Building Bonds

You must also be proficient at cultivating and maintaining ongoing relationships.

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

At the end of the day you must accomplish & be skillful at promoting cooperation and building teams.









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