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Social Media Marketing: How to Post In Social Media for Curiosity


Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.





When it comes to  getting people to ask you questions or respond to what you post online in a social media post is definitely based on if you are creating curiosity. Most algorithms on social media platforms are highly-focused on if you have a content marketing strategy that’s intended to build engagement and interactions with others.

This is considered congruent to a audience if they like and share your content. The main thing is if you are in business or you are establishing a Brand, it will be a way to spread your content virally to others, social media is the perfect channel to promote a brand to potential customers.


So here is some important tips to remember as you are mindful of how to promote post that create curiosity instead of creating resistant and being  annoying.

Results Driven Post

Share your own results of monthly breakthroughs of income achievements or pin positions. Also share team members results that they have accomplished as to celebrate other people success is always a inspiration.

When you tell stories they will increase the number of your sales because they will create curiosity.

Also stories will entice people’s emotions and will avoid confusion.
Stories express things in simple terms that people are already familiar with and can easily relate to.

Facts Tell & Stories Sell”

Value Based Post

Always remember when it comes to being a leader, you must be posting value based post. When you learn how to solve a problem that your audience has and you can teach them provided a How To within that issue, then you are providing value. Social media post that help solve problems are value post. This is how you apply marketing strategies that promotes your brand as a authority.

” Learn, Implement and Teach “

Lifestyle Post

Create post that share how you live and the areas of involvements you attend, such as seminars, training, or conventions. Post your leisure time pictures as you travel because of the time freedom you enjoy. Also express the fun and fellowship that you enjoy with other people.

Motivational Post

When you have quotes that awakens the curiosity in people they want to be in your presence. Change is difficult and people want to be encouraged and motivated to make an impact on their own lives. So be a inspiration to people by always working on your personal development and motivating others.


Educational Post

Think about what has gave you a breakthrough! Most of all you can attest to the fact that what you have learned has made a impact on your life.

So post informational post that is training and educational and can give a person a breakthrough to some type of hindrance or hold-back to their success or life. Once you give enough value in this area in the form of free training and information you will become a go to person. This will position you to recommend something to your audience and in return allow them to take your advice to buy a product that you may offer.


Transformation Post

These are post that you have had some transformation through software that you have purchased or if you have created 10 leads per day.

Also if you have helped someone that got awesome results, this could be a transformation post and will position you as a authority. Whatever breakthrough that you receive through your marketing or business results can also be considered as transformation type post.











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