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8 Tips To Personalize Your Facebook Profile for Business


When we use our Facebook profile as a business entity there are several ways to personalize it for better results.



Every small business that has a Facebook page should set their timeline up to guide people to ask questions that will in return become helpful.

With a estimated 2 billion Facebook profiles and more business’s using this awesome medium, it is essential to learn how to attract people instead of repelling them.


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You can do several changes to better your profile although here are eight that really can be effective.


1. Good Professional Profile Picture

You always want a professional medium shot picture that set’s you apart from other common profiles. Never put a picture of a animal or vehicle especially if you are branding yourself. Besides people are interested in connecting with you and not your animal.

2. Good Cover Photo

Create you a cover photo at www.canva.com with the required dimensions 828 px x 315 px.  This should be a combination of a who you are in a nutshell and not about any company images of products. Have a inspiring cover photo that could even have text that speaks of your uniqueness.

3. Never post Company Links to your Business

When it comes to posting content on your Facebook profile, it is essential to create curiosity and motivational, lifestyle post instead of company links that leads to repelling people instead of putting them in a open receptive mind. This is called Attraction.

4. Intro section must have a quick description of your value

A quick 106 character description that gives a interesting backdrop of you to display a snap shot of your strengths.

5. Great Story in your Featured Photo Section

If you have pictures of where you have been on stage receiving a award or some event that you was featured as a income earner or the guest speaker, then you want to put these important photos here. You can put up to five images here.

6.Check Your Setting to allow Public to follow your post

It is essential to set your Facebook profile to allow people that admire what you are doing to follow you. This will allow them to engage your post and comment on your content because they are interested in your value. Many people have this function shut off and never get much engagement on their content and it affects their importance as to Facebook’s algorithm.

7. Timeline & Tagging must be set to approve post before posted on your profile

Make sure you set your private setting so people can’t post unwanted post on your timeline. because if they do and you hide it, then it will also affect your Facebook algorithm. These checks against you can put a question in Facebook bots and can cause you to get put in what is called Facebook jail.

Here is a training that has some specific guidelines as to what could get you into trouble . Click here to get access ….

8. Post On Purpose

Every-time you post on your Facebook Profile within your timeline you get noticed by Facebook and if you get engagements in the form of likes, comments and shares then you will be seen by Facebook that you are posting relevant content that your audience or followers enjoy. so I can’t stress it enough to POST ON PURPOSE…












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