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5 Ways To Enhance Break-Through In Time Factors In Business

When it comes to building a business and getting results it will always depend on you prioritizing your time within your daily routines.


We must always evaluate the way we think about our time when it comes to being successful or unsuccessful as a entrepreneur.

Successful people have this factor mastered as it is the difference maker when it comes to consistent business results.

Below we will give the five factors  that most people struggle with and also watch the video to get our intake on how to not allow the time factor to hold you back from all that you are destined to achieve. This is something that I constantly work on daily.




1. Spending vs Investing

Top earners always think about their time in terms of Investing instead of spending. With this in mind we should always look for ways to best invest our time to accomplish our desired results. We must acknowledge the true value of time and not waste it on unfocused activities.

Most people that struggle with this think in terms of Spending time. They are inconsistent and usually not focused. They allow other seemly important things to rob them of their main goals and desires. They use statements like ” I didn’t get anything done today ” without having a system to see where they lost the most vital moments of their unproductive day. NOTE: Ask yourself…. How do I think of time?


2. Habits that Serve vs Habits that Harm

As habitual creatures, we all have habits and routines that we must examine daily until we annihilate those that don’t serve us.

We are subconsciously on a daily basis doing things that we’re already programmed to do. Important tasks, such as our personal hygiene and without thinking of these factors we get them achieved without hesitant. We must have the same concept in operation within our business.

If we neglect either, it could have a disastrous impact on our lives. The same as well as our business, it could ultimately cause us to be frustrated because, we lack results. Successful marketers pay strong attention to their habits and routines. Often examining closely for ways to improve behavior factors.


3. Leveraged Vs Non- Leveraged Actions

Most marketers that start a business, usually start as a part-time marketer. With this in mind it is always beneficial to get the best productivity as possible each day. Especially if we have a family and perhaps have only an two or three hours to work on our business each day.

Some examples are:

If you are using a traditional building model, such as showing your company presentation to a group of 10 people at your local coffee shop or a home party, this is a leverage activity. Although if we’re giving the presentation to each individual, this is considered a non-leverage task.

The same principle goes for getting 10 or more on a webinar if you’re using online principles. So, being mindful not to send 1 individual at a time to visit a evergreen webinar.

Another as mentioned in the video is if we are coaching a team member on getting past a technological hurdle, this is great but it is a non-leverage action. We must record a video or training and have it available to send our entire team if needed and reap the results as it being a highly leveraged activity to always be ahead of the time factor.


Guide to starting a Blog Article…. 

4. High Impact Vs Low Impact Activities

There are always task that we want to achieve. Especially, if we are building a online business using tools such as a blog. We still must keep in mind what actions are considered, high Impact activities.

Examples are:

  • Showing the company presentation then following up to get a decision
  • Answering closing questions
  • Placing targeting ads

These are high Impact activities and must be our priority. We shouldn’t get caught doing low impact activities in our business.

Examples are:

  • Listening to mind-set recordings
  • Participating in group discussions in social media
  • Providing free training

All of these are necessary although they aren’t High Impact activities. I’m not saying to stop doing low impact activities, although don’t give them preference when time is tight.


5. Lack Vs Abundance

This one is a whole paradigm shift because marketers that don’t get this will suffer from the worry of not enough results within the learning stage of their business. Successful marketers never concern themselves with a lack mentality based on terms because they understand that if they are focused then time will yield to them what they need according to their expectation. Abundance is always their understanding, therefore they flow from leveraging and impacting their actions.

Unsuccessful marketers think of time in terms of Lack. They lack prospects,money and most of all results. The fix here is personal development on the subject of mind-set. Remember to always work harder on you than you do on anything else.


Thanks for stopping by and as always for a final thought BE INTENTIONAL and keep in mind that the first step to change is awareness.

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