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Mastering the Art Of Selling


Learn the Art of Selling and you can live life on your own Terms.


When it comes to sales, the key isn’t always about finding people that can afford what you have to offer. It’s more about finding people that are looking for what you have and you becoming in their eyes the best one to purchase it from. Below we discuss how to really position yourself as the person of value when it comes to a business in sales.







Most people purpose to sell products through logic and only through logic. Keep in mind that people seldom buy logically.
People buy emotionally, then defend their decisions with logic. So if people buy by emotions, you must build a connection with them to develop a long term relationship.

Emotions are defined as the effective aspect of consciousness and is usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body. This is the anatomy of sales. So the common skill in communication is a definite to pick up connection between you and your potential client. Non-verbal communication is 93%, so you must be able to see the emotional aspect of your buyer.

For more on How to be a conversationalist, Here is a Blog post that I created called 10 Rules In Prospecting that will make you a better Conversationalist.


Your Product and or Service isn’t what You SELL

You must get this point in order to become successful. You must build strong relationships with your potential business partner or customer before they will fell comfortable in partnering with you. Here are the ABC’s of selling.

  • Advise your potential customer of how your product or your service is the best solution for them. If it’s not the fit they are looking for, then give them your suggestion even if it’s not your own product. They will appreciate your honesty and look favorably towards your business which can lead to referrals where your product/service would be a fit.
  • Build a rapport with some point of connectivity so you can remain engaged with your leads. Also leverage business tools  & use the P.A.T.          ” Point At Tools ” concept that will help you do your job more efficiently and also give them essential tools to use so they feel a sense of your team. This will also allow you to have more time to put back into your relationships. Personal development and skills is the answer to substantial value to the marketplace.
  • Connect as often as you can with your customer/business partner. This will keep your leadership and business ethics on the top of their mind. Maintaining regular communications with customers will build trust in your relationship and customers will be more likely to engage with your business for future opportunities.


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