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Seven Business Building Concepts to Enhance Online Marketing



There are several marketing concepts that people use to build their business’s online. In the article and video below, we will discuss seven of the strategies we think could enhance your online presence.





1. Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is a tactic used to generate natural discussions and recommendations about a product or company. It is communicated in both Oral or written forms. This results in a satisfied customer conveying their interest to a prospective customer of how the quality of a specific product or service has been to them. It could also be communicated online via social media. It is considered to be the most effective form of promotion therefore being mistakenly called word of mouth advertising. This is incorrect because, by definition, advertising is a paid and non-personal communication.


2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around establishing a social media presence on major platforms. This is done by posting useful media that viewers find helpful and in return like it or share it with their circle. Most social media platforms set their algorithm by whether the content is congruent with audience interactions.

3. Passive Marketing

Passive marketing incurs as a marketer spends their precious investment of time and on some occasions money. In some occasions the cost associated is with setting up a directory listing. The biggest investment is time and research for creating posts on blogs or social network sites.  Passive Marketing techniques are the lifeblood of a business.  This is done by creating content that’s geared towards providing value to help searchers solve specific problems. In return popular keyword phrases are placed and indexed in order to be found online via search engines. When this valuable content is found online it helps potential customers solve problems and|or address the specific needs within their search result. This marketing concept is said to be a gift that keeps giving. It is also titled as online marketing.



4. Active Marketing

Active marketing involves proactive actions on the part of the marketer to connect and engage with potential customers in order to build relationships and earn trust. People join people that they know, like and trust. This is a personal marketing technique that requireds the common soft skills of communication. We share more on this in a post we call… Customer Service Skills To Master That Every Business Need


5. Interruption Marketing

Interruption marketing or known by some as outbound marketing is promoting a product through continued advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. It is considered to be an annoying version of the traditional way of doing marketing.  The technique consist of companies that focus on finding customers through advertising and this concept usually interferes with everyday normal online searches.

6. Native Marketing

Native marketing is a form of advertising  were paid media uses ad experiences that follows the natural form and function of
the user experience in which it is placed. It is a form of online marketing. It is often used as a ad experience that follows the natural form of a social media feed.


7. Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a
service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. This Blog is a product of my Attraction Marketing tool to build a authority by sharing value with online marketing. It is designed to attract like minded people to build a relationship with. If there is an interest to become partners with me you can begin to learn about who I am and what I can offer as a business partner.

This is the most lucrative way to build a business because people begin to know,like and trust you by the content that you share. If you desire to work with me. I encourage you to reach out to me via this post by clicking on the link HERE…  

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Be Blessed & Be INTENTIONAL…











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  • Marsha September 19, 2017, 9:37 pm

    I love word of mouth marketing.

  • James September 20, 2017, 9:44 pm

    Great concept if you know how to operate in the skill-set of finding out how you can assist someone without offending them or creating resistance.

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