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Mastering the Mental Laws of Selling Pt. 3


We must learn how to apply the universal laws of selling and apply them to become the entrepreneur that causes the law of attraction to manifest.


In this series of teaching we have discussed how to apply the seven mental laws of selling as taught by Brian Tracey. Our previous post had the other four laws. We will discuss the law of concentration here and the law of attraction. There is a lot of teaching online about the law of attraction.

You can go to the post by clicking here → Mastering The Laws Of Selling Pt 1



Here are the seven laws:

1. The Law Of Cause & Effect
2. The Law Compensation
3. The Law Of Control
4. The Law Of Belief
5. The Law Of Concentration
6. The Law OF Correspondence
7. The Law Of Attraction


The two that we will speak on today is the law of concentration and the law of Attraction.

  • The Law Of Concentration

This law says that the more you think about something, the more of your mental capacity is assigned to think about that issue. If you think about something often enough, it eventually dominates your thinking and affects your behavior. Let’s talk about goals. If you write goals and you think about the way you desire to accomplish them and apply actionable steps then your thoughts will come to dominate everything you say and do to achieve those set of written goals. The selling concept is the same because if you think about increasing your effectiveness as a salesperson, you will actually find yourself doing the things that make this become a reality.

As time pass and you stay concentrated on what you want, you will become more determined and focused on achieving this until it becomes a reality. The more you think about it, the faster your goals will appear and expand in your span of reach. Success will inevitably come to you as long as you stay focused on a workable daily plan of action and keep your energy focused on what you want. Whatever you dwell upon will grow and expand in your life.  The same will also happen if you focus on things within fear of not achieving what you desire. You will find yourself making every excuse to avoid doing the very things you need to do to achieve the very success you desire. Remember not to allow yourself to develop a habit to focus and dwell on the things that you don’t want.


  • The Law Of Attraction

This law affects every part of your life and if you are in sales then you can count on it effecting your selling. This powerful universal law has been the cause and effect for many to achieve greatness and also to plunder failure.  You are a living magnet and you inevitably attract into your life people and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

You see, your thoughts are vibrations that create a force field of mental energy around you. When you are positive and optimistic about yourself and your product or service, you broadcast a form of positive mental energy that attracts back to you an endless supply of leads, prospects, referrals, and sales opportunities. If you use the principle attraction marketing in your strategies this law works awesome. Here is a link to share with you a Simple 7 Step Attraction Marketing Method to dominate your Industry.  

Everything you have in life today you have attracted to yourself because of the person that you are. You can have more in your life because you can change the person you are, by changing your dominant thoughts. The more positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic you are about what you are doing, the greater will be the magnetic power of your mind and you will start to attract into your life the people and opportunities you need to achieve your goals that you set. In closing, the key will be for you to learn how to control your thoughts every minute of everyday.












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