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Building A Strong Online Presence Using A Domain plus Keywords

Your Online Presence should have a domain name that is search related to some significant keyword.


Are you using a social media site for your online presence? This can be done successfully, although it is important to brand yourself with a domain and keywords that point people to you as an authority within what you are an expert in. Most network marketers use their replicated company website to promote their online presence.



Your online presence determines your reputation because it is an effective way of raising awareness. You can also position yourself to convert business seekers into long tern partners. For a in depth overview and training on Starting Your Own Blog  Click Here.



Let’s define some of the words that explain the significant meanings of our topic as we see the importance keyword popularity.

Webster Definition:


  • A subdivision of the internet consisting of computers or sites usually with a common purpose (such as providing commercial information) and denoted in internet addresses by a unique abbreviation (such as com for commercial sites or gov for government sites.)


  • Information viewed with a regard to a profit


  •  Significant words from a title or document used especially as an index to content


If you are paying for internet and you are a business, why not position your online presence to place information that can help people find a solution to some problem that they are currently experiencing. You can use your product, service or skills that you have.

When you use a replicated static website it does not rank because it is not designed for search engine optimization. The content doesn’t change and the keywords are always the same.

When your content is positioned online and the correct keywords are used, people find you through keyword popularity. Google and other search engines display your results on the first page because of a suitable responses to searches. This in return convinces internet users of your reputation as relevant to their keyword research. I hope this has helped you and you can get some SEO training  that can teach you how to rank your content by relevant keywords by clicking the image below.


Here is a post that you may find handy to choice a blogging platform that is suitable for you with a video training.










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