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Mastering the Mental Laws of Selling Pt. 3


We must learn how to apply the universal laws of selling and apply them to become the entrepreneur that causes the law of attraction to manifest.


In this series of teaching we have discussed how to apply the seven mental laws of selling as taught by Brian Tracey. Our previous post had the other four laws. We will discuss the law of concentration here and the law of attraction. There is a lot of teaching online about the law of attraction.

You can go to the post by clicking here → Mastering The Laws Of Selling Pt 1



Here are the seven laws:

1. The Law Of Cause & Effect
2. The Law Compensation
3. The Law Of Control
4. The Law Of Belief
5. The Law Of Concentration
6. The Law OF Correspondence
7. The Law Of Attraction


The two that we will speak on today is the law of concentration and the law of Attraction.

  • The Law Of Concentration

This law says that the more you think about something, the more of your mental capacity is assigned to think about that issue. If you think about something often enough, it eventually dominates your thinking and affects your behavior. Let’s talk about goals. If you write goals and you think about the way you desire to accomplish them and apply actionable steps then your thoughts will come to dominate everything you say and do to achieve those set of written goals. The selling concept is the same because if you think about increasing your effectiveness as a salesperson, you will actually find yourself doing the things that make this become a reality.

As time pass and you stay concentrated on what you want, you will become more determined and focused on achieving this until it becomes a reality. The more you think about it, the faster your goals will appear and expand in your span of reach. Success will inevitably come to you as long as you stay focused on a workable daily plan of action and keep your energy focused on what you want. Whatever you dwell upon will grow and expand in your life.  The same will also happen if you focus on things within fear of not achieving what you desire. You will find yourself making every excuse to avoid doing the very things you need to do to achieve the very success you desire. Remember not to allow yourself to develop a habit to focus and dwell on the things that you don’t want.


  • The Law Of Attraction

This law affects every part of your life and if you are in sales then you can count on it effecting your selling. This powerful universal law has been the cause and effect for many to achieve greatness and also to plunder failure.  You are a living magnet and you inevitably attract into your life people and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

You see, your thoughts are vibrations that create a force field of mental energy around you. When you are positive and optimistic about yourself and your product or service, you broadcast a form of positive mental energy that attracts back to you an endless supply of leads, prospects, referrals, and sales opportunities. If you use the principle attraction marketing in your strategies this law works awesome. Here is a link to share with you a Simple 7 Step Attraction Marketing Method to dominate your Industry.  

Everything you have in life today you have attracted to yourself because of the person that you are. You can have more in your life because you can change the person you are, by changing your dominant thoughts. The more positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic you are about what you are doing, the greater will be the magnetic power of your mind and you will start to attract into your life the people and opportunities you need to achieve your goals that you set. In closing, the key will be for you to learn how to control your thoughts every minute of everyday.













Mastering The Mental Laws Of Selling Pt. 1

When we think about business advancing, we must change to a higher quality of thoughts to accomplish mental mastery.


We must understand that the quality of our thinking will always produce the outcome of our results in every part of our lives. These mental laws are happening at every level of our lives including sales.

There is a proven system of ideas, methods, and techniques used by top salespeople everywhere. You can learn and master these concepts by applying these mental laws in this article and also the video below. Part 2 of this series is here.




Here are the first two mental laws:

     1. Law of Cause & Effect

This law states that for every effect in your life, there is a specific cause or causes. One must understand that anything that you want to see in your life or see more of, you must define it clearly.  Remember, you can attain it by tracking it back to the things that caused it and by implementing those causes. When we think about sales, remember that success is an effect in this profession by the specific cause.

Here is a simple answer to the solution. We must find someone that is successful as an entrepreneur in this area, then learn and implement the same causes and in return, we will ultimately get the same effects that they do. Results are typical. 

This law says that if you want to be one of the most successful and highly paid persons in your field, then you must find out what highly paid people are doing and do the same.

This is an example of wealth creation at it’s best. The thing is that 85 % of the people that grasp this concept will not follow the cause. They simply will not do all that’s required.

These are universal laws and not considered theories or opinions. The opposite of the Law of Cause and Effect says that if you don’t implement the same causes as those people who are getting the effects that you desire, you will not get those effects. You see, if you don’t do what successful people are doing then you won’t get what other successful people are getting.


    2. The Law of Compensation

Quote: Ralph Waldo Emerson states that each person is compensated in like manner for that which he or she has contributed.

This law of compensation is similar to the law of sowing and reaping. This law states that you will always be compensated for your efforts and your contribution according to your amount of contribution put in whether much or least.

If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution. It is said that you get in return the number of results directly related to that in which you put in the marketplace.

Be reminded that your mental attitude, your feelings of happiness and satisfaction, will yield the results of the things that you have put into your own mind. They will also reflect your daily activities. Keep in mind that you must contribute more than you take out or this law will not yield the abundance you desire.

In closing, remember to align yourself and your activities with the Law of Cause and effect ( and it’s corollaries) and you will always reap the rewards of your efforts.

You can learn more about Attraction Marketing and how to apply Attraction Marketing to your business by clicking here…..












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Mastering the Mental Laws Of Selling Pt. 2


There are two natural laws that we are governed by: Natural & Mental


When facing mental laws there can be seemly be some ways to escape them, although if you are faced with them, you will reap the consequences. On the other hand natural laws like the law of gravity or the law of sowing and reaping will always manifest the results. Rather soon or later. Selling will always be in the category of mental laws.



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There are 7 mental laws that you want to master in order to use for your advantage and I share two of them in this post and they are The Law of Control and The Law of Belief. We will define them in depth below.


The Law Of Control

This law states that you feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your life, and you feel negative about yourself to the degree to which you feel that you are not in control, or that you are controlled by some external force, person or influence. All these laws are really essential to your success.

The Law Of Belief

Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality. You don’t believe what you see, you rather see what you have already decided to believe.

Beliefs determine how we behave on a daily basis. We consistently act in accordance to the beliefs we have about the world, ourselves, others, events and circumstances. Also within the selling arena we must master our beliefs because they will drive our behavior. These are pre-programmed responses and reactions that we have conditioned ourselves to accept whether conscious or in the long tern sub-conscious. And the longer we allow these conditioned responses to perpetuate within our psyche, then the greater difficulty we will have in transforming these patterns for the better.

Finally, beliefs are nothing more than just illusions of reality, so we must I say master this law.


Here is some more training on Marketing Vs Sales that will give you insight to persuade your prospects to embrace the sales process.















Mastering the Art Of Selling


Learn the Art of Selling and you can live life on your own Terms.


When it comes to sales, the key isn’t always about finding people that can afford what you have to offer. It’s more about finding people that are looking for what you have and you becoming in their eyes the best one to purchase it from. Below we discuss how to really position yourself as the person of value when it comes to a business in sales.







Most people purpose to sell products through logic and only through logic. Keep in mind that people seldom buy logically.
People buy emotionally, then defend their decisions with logic. So if people buy by emotions, you must build a connection with them to develop a long term relationship.

Emotions are defined as the effective aspect of consciousness and is usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body. This is the anatomy of sales. So the common skill in communication is a definite to pick up connection between you and your potential client. Non-verbal communication is 93%, so you must be able to see the emotional aspect of your buyer.

For more on How to be a conversationalist, Here is a Blog post that I created called 10 Rules In Prospecting that will make you a better Conversationalist.


Your Product and or Service isn’t what You SELL

You must get this point in order to become successful. You must build strong relationships with your potential business partner or customer before they will fell comfortable in partnering with you. Here are the ABC’s of selling.

  • Advise your potential customer of how your product or your service is the best solution for them. If it’s not the fit they are looking for, then give them your suggestion even if it’s not your own product. They will appreciate your honesty and look favorably towards your business which can lead to referrals where your product/service would be a fit.
  • Build a rapport with some point of connectivity so you can remain engaged with your leads. Also leverage business tools  & use the P.A.T.          ” Point At Tools ” concept that will help you do your job more efficiently and also give them essential tools to use so they feel a sense of your team. This will also allow you to have more time to put back into your relationships. Personal development and skills is the answer to substantial value to the marketplace.
  • Connect as often as you can with your customer/business partner. This will keep your leadership and business ethics on the top of their mind. Maintaining regular communications with customers will build trust in your relationship and customers will be more likely to engage with your business for future opportunities.


If this has helped you and you want more training, tips and insight on how to build your Network marketing business, be sure to register for our VIP list by clicking below…




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There are several marketing concepts that people use to build their business’s online. In the article and video below, we will discuss seven of the strategies we think could enhance your online presence.





1. Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is a tactic used to generate natural discussions and recommendations about a product or company. It is communicated in both Oral or written forms. This results in a satisfied customer conveying their interest to a prospective customer of how the quality of a specific product or service has been to them. It could also be communicated online via social media. It is considered to be the most effective form of promotion therefore being mistakenly called word of mouth advertising. This is incorrect because, by definition, advertising is a paid and non-personal communication.


2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around establishing a social media presence on major platforms. This is done by posting useful media that viewers find helpful and in return like it or share it with their circle. Most social media platforms set their algorithm by whether the content is congruent with audience interactions.

3. Passive Marketing

Passive marketing incurs as a marketer spends their precious investment of time and on some occasions money. In some occasions the cost associated is with setting up a directory listing. The biggest investment is time and research for creating posts on blogs or social network sites.  Passive Marketing techniques are the lifeblood of a business.  This is done by creating content that’s geared towards providing value to help searchers solve specific problems. In return popular keyword phrases are placed and indexed in order to be found online via search engines. When this valuable content is found online it helps potential customers solve problems and|or address the specific needs within their search result. This marketing concept is said to be a gift that keeps giving. It is also titled as online marketing.



4. Active Marketing

Active marketing involves proactive actions on the part of the marketer to connect and engage with potential customers in order to build relationships and earn trust. People join people that they know, like and trust. This is a personal marketing technique that requireds the common soft skills of communication. We share more on this in a post we call… Customer Service Skills To Master That Every Business Need


5. Interruption Marketing

Interruption marketing or known by some as outbound marketing is promoting a product through continued advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. It is considered to be an annoying version of the traditional way of doing marketing.  The technique consist of companies that focus on finding customers through advertising and this concept usually interferes with everyday normal online searches.

6. Native Marketing

Native marketing is a form of advertising  were paid media uses ad experiences that follows the natural form and function of
the user experience in which it is placed. It is a form of online marketing. It is often used as a ad experience that follows the natural form of a social media feed.


7. Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a
service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. This Blog is a product of my Attraction Marketing tool to build a authority by sharing value with online marketing. It is designed to attract like minded people to build a relationship with. If there is an interest to become partners with me you can begin to learn about who I am and what I can offer as a business partner.

This is the most lucrative way to build a business because people begin to know,like and trust you by the content that you share. If you desire to work with me. I encourage you to reach out to me via this post by clicking on the link HERE…  

After you go to the link, feel free to send me a message via the form on the bottom left of the page or sign up to work with me and I will be notified.

Be Blessed & Be INTENTIONAL…












6 Characteristics Of Successful Leaders


When I speak with leaders all around the nation about their journey to become successful, these are some essentials they have developed.




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Here are the 6 Characteristics that will make a difference in your Leadership….


1. Must have Confidence

Confidence could be titled as self-assurance. It’s defined by Webster as a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.  You must starve doubt and feed faith to achieve the success toward every goal that you set. If there is a needful change that’s appropriate in any marketing concept or any acknowledged entrepreneurial skill-set, you must have confidence that you can & will master whatever it requires.


2. Must Be able To Communicate

Communication skills is very important to leaders. It is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to any personal relationships and connecting in any business model. For more on this topic, I share a blog post here titled → Customer Service Skills To master that Every Business Needs.  There are several soft skills that’s related to communication and we discuss more in detail there.


3. Must Be Passionate about Learning

Leaders are always investing and learning new skills. They understand when it comes to marketing and getting in front of a specific target audience, it is essential to lead with value.

They are always reading books and investing in courses and attending seminars to learn any new technology. This in return separates them from their competition. Your success will depend on the value that you bring to the market place.


4. Must Become a Team Player

Leaders are always sharp and delegate authority very well. Also in guiding others to the proper tools, systems and strategies that will propel their business to the next level.

People join people and are always looking for solid Leaders that can give helpful advice to build core beliefs and minister tough love to initiate  invested growth. This person is better defined as a person that other members know they can depend on.


5. Must be Dedicated

Dedication is defined as: having a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something

When most people face challenges or obstacles they throw in the towel and fall into the 98% of those who are still struggling. Leaders are dedicated for the long haul. An entrepreneur  is defined as one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise. Remember that time will always pass. So, the best way to describe DEDICATION is to stay focused, no matter if it takes longer than you thought.


6. Must Be Optimistic

Remember a entrepreneur that has mastered these characteristics are categorized as leaders and always changes every unlikely circumstance that they encounter. Quote: You don’t see things as they are, You see them as you are. When you are Optimistic it is a strong sign of a high self-esteem and can bring comfort to the body,mind and soul. Remember that optimism is one of the steps toward leading a happy, successful life.



↓↓ I hope this has helped you and for more training and future blog post, sign up for our VIP list by clicking on the VIP LIST right beneath here. ↓↓









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Facebook Marketing is a key concept to getting in front of potential marketers and getting results with Prospecting.


There are tons of workable Ideas, tips and concepts that you can apply to get the most from your efforts in Prospecting on Social Media, although many haven’t figure out the correct approach to stay out of the Facebook’s radar. Their wrong efforts can cause what is known as Facebook Jail.

This is were Facebook warns you for suspicious behavior and if the practice isn’t changed you could be banned for several days without the permission to post anything to your wall or the news feed. We will in this video below share with you three tips that can prevent this from happening.


For more information that could be helpful, you can  also read & watch this Blog Post that we have previously shared here. To grab the training on how to keep from getting shut down on Facebook if you are using ads you can go here → FACEBOOK JAIL PREVENTION



Let’s talk about these tips in general when it comes to Facebook Marketing and prospecting on social media.

      1. Have No Agenda

Facebook is set up as a social club, not a business platform when using your profile. You must keep this concept in mind. People come to Facebook to interact with friends and too see friends pictures and videos with the some exceptions of entertainment on occasion. Remember that no one comes to Facebook to buy anything especially when it is a unsolicited link thrown at them with a agenda to sale something. People want to buy although they don’t want to be sold.

Quote: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Teddy Roosevelt

      2. Never Post Unsolicited Links

This is a big No No when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Here are some few statements and wrong approaches that I see common on Facebook.

  • Bogo sale
  • Join now at this year low entry
  • Get started now at the low price of $$$
  • Discounted product until the end of this month
  • Ground Floor Opportunity

The list goes on and it’s not that these options are bad, it’s just that the masses are doing this and it’s not professional. You are using what is known as RESISTANCE MARKETING. You must establish a need with a curiosity post and allow the potential prospect ask you about your product or service.

    3. Probe to find out how to help Solve problems

Everything about sales is about your Unique Selling Opposition and people want to connect with people that have a genuine interest to help them accomplish what their concerns are. In others words be a person of solution’s instead of creating frustration with people. Make sure that your values are to create harmony and continuity.

Keep in mind that you must be more about people’s interest than you do about your selfish agenda because non verbal communication is 97%.


I hope you have found value in this post and if you have Like, share and comment to give me your thoughts.

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Attraction Marketing System


When it comes to getting in front of your potential customers and business partners, it is essential to know how to align your content.





1. Social Content Will Gain Prominence

The social content that we write is always more beneficial when we can index it on google and other  popular search engines.

We should always use posting strategies between the web and social media.

76% of marketers use Social Media such as Facebook,YouTube,Twitter,Google Plus and LinkedIn to place links to assure that search engines understand how our website is credible and relevant to search results.

2. Video Will Still Rule

Marketers that use video content as a tool to drive their digital and SEO efforts  will embrace this trend and get better results and capture new audiences.

Here’s some Statistics:

  • 80% of video results that show up in SERPs are from YouTube

NOTE: SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. When you enter a query into a search engine you receive a page with results based on the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query.

  • Video get 50x better organic page rank in Google when compared with plain static text results
  • Video searches also receive 41% higher click through ratio as compared to plain, static text content

3. Mobile Optimization Will Become Crucial

Remember we are in the information age and people use a range of devices to access content.

We have tablets, smartphones, laptops and now even watches to browse the web. Search engines are aware of this and give favor to those that optimize their websites to accommodate all devices.

  • Mobile searches are up 43% this year along more than last year
  • Google gives mobile friendly websites a ranking boost when using mobile searches
  • 95% of smartphone users search for local information more consistently than ever
  • Over 1.2 billion people search the web using their mobile devices
  • Statistics state that 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop



4. Voice Search Function A Must

Voice search has quickly become a huge part of mobile usage and has eliminated the pain of typing keywords to activate a search inquiry.

Make sure you have voice search in mind when developing your content.

Here’s why:

  • 60% of teens use voice search while watching television
  • 40% of adults use voice search while looking for directions

5. Content Aggregation Will Get Better & Better

Remember that more than ever people are looking for content sources that provide all the relevant information they need in a single place. This is another trend that search engines has noticed and as a result content aggregators are becoming very popular in the SERPs.  For instant people that

are online marketers are looking to find content as well as training that can meet their needs to market more efficiently. Grab your marketing training here…

6. Mobile Apps Will Grow

Again when we think about mobile and mobile search, apps have been able to make it easier. I believe that as technology expands that Apps will take the place of desktop and mobile websites.

Some Statistics are as Followed:

  • Mobile Apps account for 52% of all time spent on online digital media
  • 85% of people prefer native mobile apps to websites
  • Internet has revealed that users spend 89% mobile time using apps

7. Local SEO Will Become More Important

Local searches are growing stronger and stronger as people let Google know where they are located and what they are offering.

  • Most mobile local searches lead 50% of visitors to visit the store searched within a day of the initial search
  • 60% of consumers use local information in ads
  • 50% of local searches are in hope of finding a local result within driving distances of 10 to 15 minutes














When it comes to building a business and getting results it will always depend on you prioritizing your time within your daily routines.


We must always evaluate the way we think about our time when it comes to being successful or unsuccessful as a entrepreneur.

Successful people have this factor mastered as it is the difference maker when it comes to consistent business results.

Below we will give the five factors  that most people struggle with and also watch the video to get our intake on how to not allow the time factor to hold you back from all that you are destined to achieve. This is something that I constantly work on daily.




1. Spending vs Investing

Top earners always think about their time in terms of Investing instead of spending. With this in mind we should always look for ways to best invest our time to accomplish our desired results. We must acknowledge the true value of time and not waste it on unfocused activities.

Most people that struggle with this think in terms of Spending time. They are inconsistent and usually not focused. They allow other seemly important things to rob them of their main goals and desires. They use statements like ” I didn’t get anything done today ” without having a system to see where they lost the most vital moments of their unproductive day. NOTE: Ask yourself…. How do I think of time?


2. Habits that Serve vs Habits that Harm

As habitual creatures, we all have habits and routines that we must examine daily until we annihilate those that don’t serve us.

We are subconsciously on a daily basis doing things that we’re already programmed to do. Important tasks, such as our personal hygiene and without thinking of these factors we get them achieved without hesitant. We must have the same concept in operation within our business.

If we neglect either, it could have a disastrous impact on our lives. The same as well as our business, it could ultimately cause us to be frustrated because, we lack results. Successful marketers pay strong attention to their habits and routines. Often examining closely for ways to improve behavior factors.


3. Leveraged Vs Non- Leveraged Actions

Most marketers that start a business, usually start as a part-time marketer. With this in mind it is always beneficial to get the best productivity as possible each day. Especially if we have a family and perhaps have only an two or three hours to work on our business each day.

Some examples are:

If you are using a traditional building model, such as showing your company presentation to a group of 10 people at your local coffee shop or a home party, this is a leverage activity. Although if we’re giving the presentation to each individual, this is considered a non-leverage task.

The same principle goes for getting 10 or more on a webinar if you’re using online principles. So, being mindful not to send 1 individual at a time to visit a evergreen webinar.

Another as mentioned in the video is if we are coaching a team member on getting past a technological hurdle, this is great but it is a non-leverage action. We must record a video or training and have it available to send our entire team if needed and reap the results as it being a highly leveraged activity to always be ahead of the time factor.


Guide to starting a Blog Article…. 

4. High Impact Vs Low Impact Activities

There are always task that we want to achieve. Especially, if we are building a online business using tools such as a blog. We still must keep in mind what actions are considered, high Impact activities.

Examples are:

  • Showing the company presentation then following up to get a decision
  • Answering closing questions
  • Placing targeting ads

These are high Impact activities and must be our priority. We shouldn’t get caught doing low impact activities in our business.

Examples are:

  • Listening to mind-set recordings
  • Participating in group discussions in social media
  • Providing free training

All of these are necessary although they aren’t High Impact activities. I’m not saying to stop doing low impact activities, although don’t give them preference when time is tight.


5. Lack Vs Abundance

This one is a whole paradigm shift because marketers that don’t get this will suffer from the worry of not enough results within the learning stage of their business. Successful marketers never concern themselves with a lack mentality based on terms because they understand that if they are focused then time will yield to them what they need according to their expectation. Abundance is always their understanding, therefore they flow from leveraging and impacting their actions.

Unsuccessful marketers think of time in terms of Lack. They lack prospects,money and most of all results. The fix here is personal development on the subject of mind-set. Remember to always work harder on you than you do on anything else.


Thanks for stopping by and as always for a final thought BE INTENTIONAL and keep in mind that the first step to change is awareness.

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When we use our Facebook profile as a business entity there are several ways to personalize it for better results.



Every small business that has a Facebook page should set their timeline up to guide people to ask questions that will in return become helpful.

With a estimated 2 billion Facebook profiles and more business’s using this awesome medium, it is essential to learn how to attract people instead of repelling them.


Grab Your Facebook Live Training Here 


You can do several changes to better your profile although here are eight that really can be effective.


1. Good Professional Profile Picture

You always want a professional medium shot picture that set’s you apart from other common profiles. Never put a picture of a animal or vehicle especially if you are branding yourself. Besides people are interested in connecting with you and not your animal.

2. Good Cover Photo

Create you a cover photo at www.canva.com with the required dimensions 828 px x 315 px.  This should be a combination of a who you are in a nutshell and not about any company images of products. Have a inspiring cover photo that could even have text that speaks of your uniqueness.

3. Never post Company Links to your Business

When it comes to posting content on your Facebook profile, it is essential to create curiosity and motivational, lifestyle post instead of company links that leads to repelling people instead of putting them in a open receptive mind. This is called Attraction.

4. Intro section must have a quick description of your value

A quick 106 character description that gives a interesting backdrop of you to display a snap shot of your strengths.

5. Great Story in your Featured Photo Section

If you have pictures of where you have been on stage receiving a award or some event that you was featured as a income earner or the guest speaker, then you want to put these important photos here. You can put up to five images here.

6.Check Your Setting to allow Public to follow your post

It is essential to set your Facebook profile to allow people that admire what you are doing to follow you. This will allow them to engage your post and comment on your content because they are interested in your value. Many people have this function shut off and never get much engagement on their content and it affects their importance as to Facebook’s algorithm.

7. Timeline & Tagging must be set to approve post before posted on your profile

Make sure you set your private setting so people can’t post unwanted post on your timeline. because if they do and you hide it, then it will also affect your Facebook algorithm. These checks against you can put a question in Facebook bots and can cause you to get put in what is called Facebook jail.

Here is a training that has some specific guidelines as to what could get you into trouble . Click here to get access ….

8. Post On Purpose

Every-time you post on your Facebook Profile within your timeline you get noticed by Facebook and if you get engagements in the form of likes, comments and shares then you will be seen by Facebook that you are posting relevant content that your audience or followers enjoy. so I can’t stress it enough to POST ON PURPOSE…












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