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Facebook Live Stream Tips for More Engagement



Social Media Marketing has given Facebook Live stream a marketing edge.


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Facebook marketing has become the most lucrative way to monetize any business because of the unique ability to target a specific audience. You can get more engagement using Facebook live stream because of the value that you share with your followers.

A Facebook video has become the most used tool to build rapport and to build personal brands. Every unique online search has a specific cause & a desire to find answers to solve the most challenging pain that holds the searcher back. When you can answer questions your audience has you become an authority too them.

So within the platform Facebook, there are some Facebook Live Stream tips that can help any marketer avoid costly mistakes and get more engagement. Marketing simply means that you are getting in front of a specific avatar with an answer to their questions.  Facebook live Stream has become that go to method to do just that.



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Here are the Tips for Facebook Live Stream


1. Look Directly into the Eyepiece of the Phone

When you look at the screen you don’t have direct contact with your viewers via mobile phone or tablet. When you look at the camera with your phone horizontal it will give you direct eye contact with your viewers. You want to have good eye contact with your viewers while live streaming.

  • Make sure your titles are catching because people will stop in if you have a great title
  • Make sure you have proper lighting
  • No clutter or distractions because you want their undivided attention

2. Interact with your Viewers

  • Greet everyone as they appear and give a special shout out if you recognize their name as a repeat visitor or friend
  • Read and Respond to all comments whether during or in the replay
  • Ask viewers to give you emoji for interactions if you are giving information that they can relate to
  • Make sure you ask viewers to subscribe to your Facebook live streams and click on notification for future live streams
  • Ask viewers if they find value in the information, then share it and this will get more engagement for live streaming 

3. Know your Visibility is For a Specific Audience

  • Place related hashtags to your prefered target audience
  • Re-Post your Facebook Live stream in other related groups
  • Always post your Live Stream to your fan page
  • Boost your Facebook Video for more engagement  NOTE: You must have a personal business page additional to your profile to do this.

For additional training to set up a sales funnel related to Facebook Live Streaming and other social media marketing you can check this post out.

If you have a need to use Facebook to do more Facebook marketing like challenges then here is a post on Five Simple steps for lead generation using Facebook challenges. I hope you have found value from this post and would love to know your insight on these Facebook live tips. Please leave me your feedback and subscribe to future post by signing up for our newsletter via the image below.








Understanding The Training Balance Scale

                       Understanding The Training Balance Scale


When it comes to building a business and any entrepreneur application there are two sides to consider. Most people that want to achieve success as an entrepreneur they will ask for the trainer to just share with them how to do the activities and they will just get it done. The main thing isn’t how to do the activities, the main thing is to have the right mental perception. This is placed on a scale called the training balance scale.



The Training Balance Scale

The first side is called: How or the actions of getting results and consists of these factors.

  • Education

Whenever anyone desires a change of career in any market or niche, there will always be some required learning that will solidify their success. Most people are open to a formal education although this success requires a self-education. The main source of growth will be what is cauterized as the 99% of the success journey. This will be explained on the opposite side of the training balance scale.

  • Skills
  • Strategies

Remember that as you build any business strategies may change as algorithms change on platforms that are used to build an audience.

  • Techniques
  • Methods
  • Doing
  • Application
  • Work

The second side is called: The Why or the thinking and is explained as what goes into the mind. Critical for success.

  • Goals

Your goals are listed in the category because they are listed as a thought process. Your mindset has to be mastered in order to stay persistent in achieving goals.

This is also a personal growth topic and to get more skills to empower yourself you can also read this article. Four Emotional Intelligence stages to empower yourself for Effective relationships.

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Dreams/Desires
  • Imagination
  • Motivation
  • Attitude/Belief
  • Spiritual

Many people struggle with the training balance scale because of a little-known factor called the shiny object syndrome. They also can get stuck with what is known as a balance problem called Information Overload.

Here is an article that can assist you if you have faced either of these. How to go from information overload to massive action.


I hope this information has assisted you to devote more of your business building endeavors on changing the way you think in order to stay focused. To schedule a call back then click on the image below.









Importance of Building A Marketing Funnel


A Marketing Funnel consists of the process a visitor encounter before a conversion.


Every online business should set up a funnel and drive traffic to it either organically or by paid methods. There stages at which visitors that are actively looking for information can find answers that they are seeking to help them solve a problem.

Every marketing funnel has at each stage enough information that will help each prospect make decisions to progress forward by giving solutions in hope that the end results are to make a buying decision.

Here in this post, we talk about the steps that will help any business to market effectively and give specific answers to their target audience’s questions. This will always result in long-term relationships and healthier business because you are solving your customer avatar’s problem. The importance of having a funnel in place is to build a know, like and trust with your potential prospects, clients or business partners.




Your marketing must be intentional and it should consist of these components.

1. Compelling Offer

Because marketing and sales work together every company is responsible for doing their research on their market. Knowing how to get in front of customers that want what you are offering is key. This is the science of the marketing sales funnel.

So when comparing features and benefits of competitive products you must have a offer to get the initial name and email of your visitor. This in return gives you an opportunity to build a know, like and trust. Also, it will break down barriers to future communication within your email marketing campaigns.


2. Answer to a Problem

Everytime someone types something in a web browser it is clearly to get a solution. You must have that solution with a clear call to action as to how you can answer their questions. This is what makes your marketing effective.


3. Email Marketing campaign

You must provide educational content and build a relationship with your subscriber. It must educate them and be helpful to the ideas they have for solving potential future roadblocks. An effective marketing funnel with a pre-written email marketing campaign will bridge more future sales.

Continuing to give away free educational content as it will position your brand and give clarity of what you represent. It will also position you as a thought leader in your industry.


4. Business or Blog page ( Value Offered )

This stage is directly related to the building of the know, like and trust factor and will create your online business authority. A central hub in place or a Facebook business page can give your online marketing a face-lift.

When you send your subscribers & potential customers to your online real estate it will build your brand and establish a future gathering place for more integration. This in return positions you to never have to sell because you will have specific details of product testimonies and other social proof of your integrity. You may find this some help Marketing Versus Sales| How to Get Results.


5. Consistent information to Educate & Teach

Content is king and the more you learn the more you can answer the most common problems that your target audience is having. It is a must to learn, implement and continue to teach your ideal customer avatar.

Having a Sales funnel in place can position you to create more time freedom and this will give you more income and you will never have to ask what is a sales funnel again. Here is an article of a success story of someone who created their first sales funnel and got awesome results.


To never miss another post or video of when we are having webinars or challenges click below on the image.












Bussiness and Personal Development are on the same Vibrational level.


Business and personal life must be transparent in order to achieve the entrepreneurial success that leaders desire. When you understand that you must have leadership skills at whatever cost, then your learning becomes intentional.

This will also allow your level of attraction to become favorable for success. These concepts will help you to assure your entrepreneurship if you apply them to your leadership qualities. This video and article will share some powerful yet simple concepts that we hope you can learn from.



5 Key Concepts For Effective Change

     1. Kick bad Habits to the Curb

Remember if you are just starting or if you have been at it for years. The way you anything is the way you do everything. You must learn and distinguish what habits that serve you and are congruent with your success.

As a potential leader, there are several behaviors that you have practiced for years and will not be relevant to creating a long-term business. These are the very things that most success seekers don’t master that will cause frustrations.

They are things like focusing on your Income producing activities. One hindrance for this is to prioritize watching television. TV is known as an Income reducer activity. This sometimes falls into what is known as ” Unconscious Incompetent “. These are behaviors that you don’t know that you don’t know is holding you back in business or just success in life.

      2. Get Ahead by Getting Started

A Chinese Proverb says ” The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the next best time is Now ” If you get started today on achieving your goals you will automatically be ahead of any of your competition that starts tomorrow.

Start by learning what you need to do today and doing it.  Here are five critical skills you need to learn to build your business online. 

       3. It’s normal to be uncertain

It’s inevitable that when you are attempting to change you will feel ambivalent. There isn’t any way to know what you will feel like when you first achieve your goals, so uncertainty is a completely normal response.

As you continue through your transformational period you will discover the real cost of staying the same and will learn to embrace change more readily.

Self-improvement for entrepreneurship is a must. We can’t avoid this step if we are going to experience success in business or in life.

Leadership is all about learning how to be honest with yourself about where you will be in three months as well as one year if you do not make the necessary change that’s required for success.

      4. Make Every Minute Count

Every minute that you use to enjoy your life will take away from your bad habits. Enjoy every reliable business advise that you take in to move in a favorable direction. Marketing 101 is essential to success, so treat it like it’s detrimental to your outcome as a social entrepreneur.

Cherish every single minute of your day. Invest, learn and teach. As you learn entrepreneurship, Here are Six Characteristics that will make a difference in your leadership.

         5. Don’t Discount your own Experience

Align yourself with where you don’t overvalue others and you don’t undervalue yourself. The comparison issue is something that most have struggled with. You must know your worth and never let someone’s opinion of you become your reality.

Once you master and learn how to embrace your own success then you will set yourself up to attract clients and business partners alike. This is when you will respond to the marketplace with skills that may require business coaching and or life coaching sessions.

Remember that we are all on a mission to accomplish our greatest aspect to achieve our goals. Don’t take it likely. Work harder on yourself than you do on anything else and you will achieve your wildest dreams.










Why have Multiple Streams Of Income




Mulitple streams of Income are essential because money will fund your mission.


I believe that diversifying your income with multiple streams is more important than ever in the times we face today. If you put all your focus on one income stream and perhaps something causes it to fail, you have nothing to rely on for the future. There will always be a financial risk when looking for a solid way to make a consistent income.

There are only 24 hours a day and we must be wise how we use our time to develop strategic income streams. Remember that life is summed up in how people utilize their time. So in this teaching, it’s mainly about talk about understanding your position online. Having answers to your target audience’s problems and giving them what they are looking for is the answer.

Always positioning with vital advice on utilizing a tool or training that positions you as a affiliate. This in return will pay a percentage to you because of the corresponding link that identifies you as the marketer buys the product recommended. This is an additional income stream.

The word poor itself can be defined as Past Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Be open to invest in a way to become an entrepreneur.



Why Multiple Income Streams


With access to the internet, everyone needs to learn how to make money online. Multiple income streams are no longer optional; they are necessary. Unfortunately for most people, fear is the biggest factor. Most don’t want to invest in something that they don’t know anything about.

People want to start a business but they allow every excuse that comes to mind keep them stuck in idle. They aren’t even open to home based business ideas because of what is known as an employee mindset.

If you can start with an open mind and desire to create additional streams of income then allow By Faith Enterprise to share with you a passive income idea that is helping ordinary people to become efficient at how to make money.

Of course, it’s a home-based business and will require a consultation to see if it’s a fit for you. All you need is a signal for your mobile phone or a place to use your laptop.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are making money online now and desire to increase your lead flow to 2 to 5 leads per day, then click on the image below and sign up to watch a webinar that can really teach you some simple concepts that have helped us.


Don’t be a spectator in your business, be a professional. Learn how to position yourself as the big business builders are. here is a post that you can check out to get more information on by clicking HERE. Remember the world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest market opportunities.

Solve a really big problems, and you can help millions of people and become a millionaire in the process. The average millionaire has seven streams of income. Here is my take on Mastering the Art of Selling that can give some awesome advise.

I hope this post has helped you learn the importance of why it’s important to have multiple streams of income. Feel free to sign up for our VIP LIST and never miss another post that’s available for your learning.












5 Principles Of Achievement For Success


Principles for success in any arena are within achievement if mastered

with diligence.


When leaders train through giving practical advice to entrepreneurs for keys to success, they say that the material given is applicable and will work in most any field. These coaching principles are universal. If you are on any success journey the key is to implement.

Statistics have revealed that about 80% of people that take notes want do what they were taught. The notes that are taken are considered un cashed checks. In the video below we discuss five principles that you can have achievement in whatever business model that you choose.



Here are the five achievement principles for success

  1. Believe That You Can

Belief is a powerful principle that will in time waver if an entrepreneur doesn’t get results. It it defined as a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. If sufficient evidence doesn’t occur in time it will create doubt often based on ones on reasoning.

This is where personal development must be utilized. Your achievement in any field will be determined from this principle. Your thoughts will drive your behavior so keep your belief strong by staying focused and implement the advice that you learn.


      2. Tap Into Your Own Personal Gifting

We all have been endowed with God given talents and strengths. You have a competitive advantage if you can define your personal strength. You can define this by determining what is easy for you. Some people struggle with the very thing that you can do well.

This gifting in return is what you do best and where your real talents are. This will also reveal your personal achievement. Are you focused, disciplined and confident. Maybe inspiring, self-controlled and optimistic. These are a few personal gifting that will bring out your success principles of personal achievement.


          3. Must Take Responsibility For Your Success

You must always be aware of your actions and your well being. This is important to keys to success. It is no one’s fault if you don’t achieve in any endeavor that you desire to accomplish. You actions are guided by your beliefs and will always determine your activity. Every business has achieved goals by this very principle. This is in a nut shell your personal development.

Sometimes it will require coaching to get advice in this area to stay on track and assess what may be the problem. Your behavior may need to be modified by observation. Being open to this is where entrepreneurship will pay off.


            4. Self- Awareness

You must evaluate where you are at all times and know what the metrics are of achievement. You must at all times be in approval with your progress or else you will waste time, money and energy.

There is a phrase called ” On Your Mark, Get Ready, Go ” and is spoken of in a competition of runners. You are your own competition and if you are on your mark, this means you are prepared to begin. The get ready or get set signifies that you’re prepared to go.

The go indicates that it is time to start. Self awareness in this manner will always insure personal achievement when you know how and what to do.

For assistance in your online success feel free to click the image below to get a trial to the number one online Attraction Marketing education system.



             5. Building & Maintaining Relationships

This is critical when you have the other four principles mastered. Your business success and further more your success in life will always be based on your ability to create and maintain relationships. The foundation of every good relationship is trust because it forms a powerful bond and helps you communicate more effectively.

Communication provides keys to success because it develops your brand and solidify you to leave a reputation that always has a lasting impact. This is also one of the most important single ingredients to play a significant role as an entrepreneur. You must always be building a known trust with others in the market place. Here is three factors that can also help you to reflect,review and research every connection that you make for future achievement.


Thanks for reading and if this has been some help for you, then please be kind and tell me which one benefited you the most. For more information on the topic of success, feel free to visit this LINK to grab a post that can assist you with the single most important thing you need.   













Two major Aspects to master when Building a Business


Most people that desire to start a business and don’t have a business mindset usually struggle. This concept is often called a money blueprint. It is called this because of two aspects that we will be discussing here in this post. Personal development is the key to any entrepreneur to build a business. I want you to understand that you have to be teachable to create success and sometimes it may require coaching.


There is a principle called the teach-ability index. It has two variables that we want to talk about. On a scale of one to ten, what is your willingness to learn? Also on the same note, on a scale of one to ten, what is your willingness to accept change with the information that you learn? Below is our video about this process in a nut shell.




There are two points that we are wanting to establish in this post that are critical to understand about skills and mindset in which are the most important aspects of online marketing or and business education. Learning how to build a business will require skills although most fail because of the greatest factor. This factor is known as the training balance scale. It is said that 80 % of building a business is psychology and 20 % is the mechanics.


Here are the two sides of the Scale

Your Why:

This is the Psychology of how to build a business and flows in the arena of your mindset and is also categorized as 80 % of obtaining success. You must master this as a entrepreneur. This is your motivation, your thinking or thought process. No home business will have longevity if this side of the scale is avoided. This is your dreams, vision or goals and your attitude and enthusiasm. It’s what goes on in your head and how you feel.

 Your Technique:

This side is the Mechanics or skills or the action steps. It’s the work or what you do. You mush have a balance and you must focus more on the why that you do the technique.  Most people will ask, “what do I do, just show me how” although the thought process and your psychology is more important. The technique is only categorized as 20 % of obtaining success. More on mindset here.



For a complete overview on 5 critical you need to build your business online, then click here to get a step by step blog post.










Your Online Presence should have a domain name that is search related to some significant keyword.


Are you using a social media site for your online presence? This can be done successfully, although it is important to brand yourself with a domain and keywords that point people to you as an authority within what you are an expert in. Most network marketers use their replicated company website to promote their online presence.



Your online presence determines your reputation because it is an effective way of raising awareness. You can also position yourself to convert business seekers into long tern partners. For a in depth overview and training on Starting Your Own Blog  Click Here.



Let’s define some of the words that explain the significant meanings of our topic as we see the importance keyword popularity.

Webster Definition:


  • A subdivision of the internet consisting of computers or sites usually with a common purpose (such as providing commercial information) and denoted in internet addresses by a unique abbreviation (such as com for commercial sites or gov for government sites.)


  • Information viewed with a regard to a profit


  •  Significant words from a title or document used especially as an index to content


If you are paying for internet and you are a business, why not position your online presence to place information that can help people find a solution to some problem that they are currently experiencing. You can use your product, service or skills that you have.

When you use a replicated static website it does not rank because it is not designed for search engine optimization. The content doesn’t change and the keywords are always the same.

When your content is positioned online and the correct keywords are used, people find you through keyword popularity. Google and other search engines display your results on the first page because of a suitable responses to searches. This in return convinces internet users of your reputation as relevant to their keyword research. I hope this has helped you and you can get some SEO training  that can teach you how to rank your content by relevant keywords by clicking the image below.


Here is a post that you may find handy to choice a blogging platform that is suitable for you with a video training.












A Vital Key To Sales Success Is Listening


Building a Network marketing business will always require you to talk and build relationships with more people. It is essential to learn the listening skills that’s required to meet your prospects approval.

This is mastered in time and will always be the reason one will join you. In this article and video we will discuss four of the major benefits we see are essential when listening to your prospect.




The ability to listen well is a absolute necessary skill for success in all human relations. Many network marketers have been taught that in order to have success in this profession, they must be a great talker. Sincere listening leads to easier sales.

Listening skills also gives results in having higher confidence that leads to a greater enjoyment from the network marketing profession. Building a business within any market will suffer without this one effect in human relationship.


Here is a article and video that explains how to market any business online.



Here are the four Effective benefits that we discuss in this post:

     1. Listening builds Trust

Talking does not build trust; listening builds trust. There is no faster way for a person to gain the trust from another than by listening intently to what the other person has to say. 40 % of every sales process is to develop a trust bond between the prospect and the business consultant.

The most fastest way to undermine trust is to irritate the prospect by talking to much and listening to little. Good listeners have a ear to be more concerned with understanding their prospects real needs and helping them to make the right decisions to solve their biggest complaints in life.


      2. Listening Lowers Resistance

When anyone has a need to make a buying decision that can ultimately change their lives, tension always occur. When there is a possibility of paying out money it always produces an alert to whether a person is making a mistake or not.

The more you listen the more the prospect becomes relaxed and feels more open to considering your offer seriously. Master the listening skills just for the fact in order to lower resistance and you will make more sales. This is the holy grail of prospecting.


     3. Listening Builds Self-Esteem

Remember that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Rapt attention is the highest form of flattery. Listening attentively to another person can clearly show that you are genuinely interested in their outcome. Their self-esteem goes up and their feelings of personal value increases.

When you actually listen to a person with warm, genuine and a caring demeanor, you connect with their personality and begin a bond of affection. The opposite of listening is ignoring. You always listen to that which you consider value and ignore that which you do not value. The fastest way to loose a prospect is to interrupt them while they are talking. This produces an emotional slap in the face and simply decreases their self-esteem. This can often cause the sales process to come to a grinding halt.


      4. Listening Builds Character and Self-Discipline

It is said that you can listen and understand at the rate of 500 to 600 words per minute. The average person only speaks the rate of 125 to 150 words per minute. This means that two thirds of your listening time is available for you to think of other things. This is were discipline has to be mastered to concentrate on your prospect or your mind will drift.

When you begin to master the listening skills, you will appear to the prospect as a tremendous leader with great character. You must train yourself to listen this way because this skill is especially necessary in the field of network marketing. This is so important to the process of sales because you must learn how to get out of yourself and get into the mind and feelings of your prospect.


I hope these benefits has helped you to think about what skills you are going to work on to be more effective in your business. for reading this entire article and staying with me until the end, I have installed below a free gift for you to grad our ultimate guide to help you place your first Facebook ad. Click on the download now and grab your copy while it’s still free.


For similar training on Emotional Intelligence skills to empower yourself and Relationships Effectively click here….












Fundamental Elements For Branding Yourself

Your personal brand is important to establish a online presence in order to build a solid business as a entrepreneur.

Building your personal brand is one of the most influential decisions when it comes to distributing products and or services. Most entrepreneurs positions themselves online and they understand this one thing. What people say about them when they leave the room is more important than what they sale.



Personal branding is about developing your best qualities and skills while presenting them in an appealing way to the online sector with an intention to help solve a problem and or address a need. This must be targeted to a specific audience that is search of what you are specialized in.



Here are the main reasons you want to brand yourself:

  • People join People

Personal branding is about you establishing your reputation online and building a know, like and trust with specific people that is in search of what you specialize in. This is called credibility because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. You always want to refine your recognition as an expert in your niche of choice and showcase your skills. More importantly you must raise your perceived value to potential clients or business partners. Personal branding will earn you a good and positive reputation that people will admire. You must be 100% sincere about your interest in people.

  • You want to Attract Like-minded People

Your visibility and consistency online will create opportunities for people who are in search of a brand that has value that in return can assist them to tap into their own special uniqueness. This is attraction marketing. This principle positioned you in front of your target audience with an offer to give them exactly what they are looking for. I must reiterate that this is why your brand must be consistent. Consistency is key to build and maintain loyalty and continued customer experience.

  • You want to Create a Visual Expression

Your brand must  have a positive reputation that people will admire. This could but not exclusively include your brand logo. When your name is mentioned,you want people to remember who you are. Also you want them to remember their personal experience that they had with you. People may forget what you said and they may forget something about you. You want them to visually be reminded when your name is mentioned, how you made them feel. The color that you choose with your brand will also give you more brand awareness. This will really identify your business brand. Your brand design describes you. When your name is mentioned most people should see your face as well as your brand logo.

Here is a review of how you can cut your learning curb to building your brand online and what your competitors don’t want you to know.


Building your brand online can stop your frustration to how to build your network marketing business and for a free video to explain the concept and give you some branding ideas you can click HERE for a presentation.



Here are 9 Basics Steps To Create A Personal Branding Strategy 







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