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Facebook Live Stream Tips for More Engagement



Social Media Marketing has given Facebook Live stream a marketing edge.


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Facebook marketing has become the most lucrative way to monetize any business because of the unique ability to target a specific audience. You can get more engagement using Facebook live stream because of the value that you share with your followers.

A Facebook video has become the most used tool to build rapport and to build personal brands. Every unique online search has a specific cause & a desire to find answers to solve the most challenging pain that holds the searcher back. When you can answer questions your audience has you become an authority too them.

So within the platform Facebook, there are some Facebook Live Stream tips that can help any marketer avoid costly mistakes and get more engagement. Marketing simply means that you are getting in front of a specific avatar with an answer to their questions.  Facebook live Stream has become that go to method to do just that.



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Here are the Tips for Facebook Live Stream


1. Look Directly into the Eyepiece of the Phone

When you look at the screen you don’t have direct contact with your viewers via mobile phone or tablet. When you look at the camera with your phone horizontal it will give you direct eye contact with your viewers. You want to have good eye contact with your viewers while live streaming.

  • Make sure your titles are catching because people will stop in if you have a great title
  • Make sure you have proper lighting
  • No clutter or distractions because you want their undivided attention

2. Interact with your Viewers

  • Greet everyone as they appear and give a special shout out if you recognize their name as a repeat visitor or friend
  • Read and Respond to all comments whether during or in the replay
  • Ask viewers to give you emoji for interactions if you are giving information that they can relate to
  • Make sure you ask viewers to subscribe to your Facebook live streams and click on notification for future live streams
  • Ask viewers if they find value in the information, then share it and this will get more engagement for live streaming 

3. Know your Visibility is For a Specific Audience

  • Place related hashtags to your prefered target audience
  • Re-Post your Facebook Live stream in other related groups
  • Always post your Live Stream to your fan page
  • Boost your Facebook Video for more engagement  NOTE: You must have a personal business page additional to your profile to do this.

For additional training to set up a sales funnel related to Facebook Live Streaming and other social media marketing you can check this post out.

If you have a need to use Facebook to do more Facebook marketing like challenges then here is a post on Five Simple steps for lead generation using Facebook challenges. I hope you have found value from this post and would love to know your insight on these Facebook live tips. Please leave me your feedback and subscribe to future post by signing up for our newsletter via the image below.







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