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When it comes to finding your Target Audience, Facebook groups is a key place to Network.






Using the right strategy to find your target Audience is valuable.


Most marketers that experience a level of success has used techniques such as a broad interest category targeting method. Facebook marketing has made it so they can help you improve efficiency dramatically. By using the Facebook Graph Search to provide marketers with valuable insights into their target audiences.



This technique can allow a business or marketer to correctly identify a variety of like minded individuals that have the same interests and is likely their target avatar. With just a few searches, one can identify people who like a particular page, has the same general purpose, and most importantly, has a potential entrepreneur heart.


When you join Facebook groups these are the same people that you daily see show up in the news feed and are seen more relevant than those of pages that you like. Similar to the example above, this information is valuable in helping develop a clearer, more detailed profile of individuals you can target.

If you provide consistent value on your profile this will open the door for those that follow your link back to your profile and can influence them to join you as they see you are a solid brand and authority.

This has opened the door to funnel like minded prospects to a fan page and then as a smart marketer one can plan a Facebook ad campaign to offer courses or training that fits the needs of this target audience.


This is the benefit of having content such as live stream videos and motivational type value on your profile as it will help to build a stronger relationship with your audience.

As written earlier in this article, it will set you up as an authority. This Live Stream Video Training can assist you to learn how to create and craft your first video.



















Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.





When it comes to  getting people to ask you questions or respond to what you post online in a social media post is definitely based on if you are creating curiosity. Most algorithms on social media platforms are highly-focused on if you have a content marketing strategy that’s intended to build engagement and interactions with others.

This is considered congruent to a audience if they like and share your content. The main thing is if you are in business or you are establishing a Brand, it will be a way to spread your content virally to others, social media is the perfect channel to promote a brand to potential customers.


So here is some important tips to remember as you are mindful of how to promote post that create curiosity instead of creating resistant and being  annoying.

Results Driven Post

Share your own results of monthly breakthroughs of income achievements or pin positions. Also share team members results that they have accomplished as to celebrate other people success is always a inspiration.

When you tell stories they will increase the number of your sales because they will create curiosity.

Also stories will entice people’s emotions and will avoid confusion.
Stories express things in simple terms that people are already familiar with and can easily relate to.

Facts Tell & Stories Sell”

Value Based Post

Always remember when it comes to being a leader, you must be posting value based post. When you learn how to solve a problem that your audience has and you can teach them provided a How To within that issue, then you are providing value. Social media post that help solve problems are value post. This is how you apply marketing strategies that promotes your brand as a authority.

” Learn, Implement and Teach “

Lifestyle Post

Create post that share how you live and the areas of involvements you attend, such as seminars, training, or conventions. Post your leisure time pictures as you travel because of the time freedom you enjoy. Also express the fun and fellowship that you enjoy with other people.

Motivational Post

When you have quotes that awakens the curiosity in people they want to be in your presence. Change is difficult and people want to be encouraged and motivated to make an impact on their own lives. So be a inspiration to people by always working on your personal development and motivating others.


Educational Post

Think about what has gave you a breakthrough! Most of all you can attest to the fact that what you have learned has made a impact on your life.

So post informational post that is training and educational and can give a person a breakthrough to some type of hindrance or hold-back to their success or life. Once you give enough value in this area in the form of free training and information you will become a go to person. This will position you to recommend something to your audience and in return allow them to take your advice to buy a product that you may offer.


Transformation Post

These are post that you have had some transformation through software that you have purchased or if you have created 10 leads per day.

Also if you have helped someone that got awesome results, this could be a transformation post and will position you as a authority. Whatever breakthrough that you receive through your marketing or business results can also be considered as transformation type post.













Understand the Difference Between Marketing and Sales and How To get Better Results…



Marketing consist of strategies, techniques and concepts that you can prepare & persuade your prospects that you are the right fit for them. It’s the message that prepares the prospect for the sale or long term business relationship.

Here are five Marketing Functions.

1. Know Your Target Audience

When you own in business, Your major concern is to get your product or service to those that are looking for what you are marketing.

This will keep you from all the frustration of rejections & wasted dollars and sense when using any paid strategy. So you must know that you are relevant to the market you serve.

2.  Relationship (Marketing)

This is a facet of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales. This entitles building a interpersonal relationship with e-mail or face to face to keep a personal touch instead of just making sales. Email is still one of the most powerful relationship marketing mediums, as it is just so personal.

3. Create and deliver something of value…

Value can come in many facets, such as white paper, download-able PDF or in the form of free webinars and informational video that educates the client of any changes or specialized market changes. This positions you as a authority in your prospective niche.

4. Permission Marketing

This is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to open and read your emails. This content provides value and over a given time with consistent delivery will cause your prospects to buy what you recommend. Courses, training etc. as resources that can promote their cause or business especially if they are looking to get results that you have consistently shared with them.

5. Sale to Your List

Once you have created a Lead through your Lead generation methods and you have built a good relationship with them, then you can always offer them training that will perfect them to get better results. This is the sales process that creates the attraction factor that cause people to join you without because they see that you have offered value consistently.













When it comes to building any business with longevity it is essential that we master customer service skills.



Here are some of the skills that we must master.

1. Patience

If you deal with customers on a daily basis, you must learn to operate in patience. When they come to you frustrated because something didn’t go as planned or said, you must be sure to take the time to truly figure out what they want or need to be satisfied.  Remember your customer would rather get competent service than be rushed out the door!

2. Clear Communication Skills

As a competent business consultant or manager we need to be cautious about how some of our communication habits translate to customers, and it’s best to stay on the side of caution whenever we find our-self questioning a situation. Also when it comes to important points that you want to get clearly to customers, keep it simple and leave nothing to doubt.

3. Knowledge of the Product

We know that facts tell and stories sell although a clear knowledge of your product will always prove to be a customer service skill that some will fall short on. Without understanding your product from a knowledgeable prospective it could  be fatal to build a quick trust with your client. You could use one of my favorite P.A.T. concepts.  This will help customers when they run into problems. Point At Tools

4. Ability to “Read” Customers

This is an important part of a personally building relationships with your customer/client as well, knowing how to read personalities is essential. Grab the Personalities PDF here… Remember it takes knowing your customers to create a personal experience for them.

More importantly though, this skill is essential because you don’t want to mis-read a customer and end up losing them all together due to confusion and miscommunication.

5. Goal Oriented Focus

This is something that many overlook as a customer service skill, but I assure you that it is vitally important. When you have a goal written as to your core expectation for your customer this will create a heart felt initiative to achieve customer satisfaction first hand.

6. Ability to Handle Surprises

Sometimes the customer support arena will throw you off you guard.

With problems that you encounter that’s not covered in the company’s guidelines, it can get tricky. Your customers may not react how you thought they would. You must be trained how to solve small dilemmas as they arise with little or no stress.

7. Closing skills

You must have a genuine interest to serve your customer, therefore having in mind that if you give them what they wanted you complete the process. Being able to close with a customer means being able to end the conversation with confirmed satisfaction and with the customer feeling that everything has been taken care of (or will be).

8. Willing to learn

This may be missed as a customer care issue, although if you don’t seek to improve, whether it’s building products, marketing businesses, or helping customers, you will get left behind by the people willing to invest in their skills.




















7 Steps to Start A Successful Business

How to start a successful business in the twentieth century



Here is a training to learn how to build a awesome business that will continue to advance


When you want to start a business, there are several steps that must be considered and we have listed them below.

1. Conduct A Personal Evaluation

Here are some questions that you should answer .

  • Are you serious and even genuine about moving forward?
  • Why is it that you want to start a business/
  • What are the main reasons that comes to mind?

NOTE: Many people start a business for more money and/or time freedom.

  • How much capital do you have to invest?
  • Are you thinking on a supplement part-time business or are you planning on a full-time replacement venture?

                                             Note: You may want to conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysts

Strengths provide an area to list everything done right either individually or as an organization. This section pertains to both strengths within the organization and external strengths,such as customer relationships.
Weaknesses aspect of your business that detract from the value you offer or place you at a competitive disadvantage. You want to enhance these areas in order to compete with your competitor.
Opportunities are factors that represent reasons your business is likely to prosper. Such as being able to expand marketing campaign into a new market while some may have been failing. Also opening in other markets especially foreign exchange.
Threats include external factors beyond your control that could place your strategy, or the business itself, at risk. You have no control over these, but you may benefit by having contingency plans to address them if they occur.

2. Know Your Industry & your Target Audience

  • Who will benefit most from your products or service?
  • Research to find key solutions that helps your customer avatar that fits the specific relevant industry.

Here is a specific article on How to Position yourself in front of your Target audience.

Note: This will help you with supply and demand for the specific market.

3. Become Legal

  • Determine if you want to become a corporation.
  • LLC
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership


4. Write a Vision & establish a Business Plan or Road-Map

  • Define your strategy!
  • Determine a Financial plan

Marketing Budget and cost analysis to how much are your monthly expenses are .

  • Business Plan

Discover the tools you will use and set up your email marketing campaign with the proper lead magnet and capture page to access newly daily clients and business consultants.

Write Smart Goals: S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based….

  5. Get Investing

  • Investments Saving
  • Venture- Capital
  • Small Business Administration
  • Family & Friends

6. Determine If Home -Based Or Brick & Mortar

  • Determine Office space
  • Location and Visibility

NOTE: Online or Physical address to be found by searches looking for your product or services.

  • Know the specific local or city and state rules and regulations regarding to criteria.

7. Trial & Error

  • Be open & willing to learn from mistakes
  • Be Open minded, creative and always be looking for opportunities to grow and learn new strategies.
  • Decide what you want and what direction you’re going















When it comes to emotional intelligence there are four fundamental capabilities & each are described by their skills in this video & article below:



1. Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Self-awareness

This is the ability to read & understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on work performance & also on relationships.

  • Accurate Self-assessment

These capabilities has to with a realistic evaluation of your strengths & limitations.

  • Self -Confidence

With this you want to have a strong and positive sense of self -worth. A poor self-image can harm one’s character.

2. Self-Management

  • Self -Control

This has to do with the ability to keep disruptive emotions & unwanted impulses under control.

  • Trustworthiness

When we think about this, it’s a consistent display of honesty and integrity.

  • Conscientiousness

This has to do with the ability to manage yourself and your responsibilities. WHEN YOU are aware of your Income producing activities and stay active in implementation, you will accomplish breakthrough in self-management.

  • Adaptability

When we speak of this skill we are talking about being able to adjust to changing situations and overcoming obstacles.

  • Achievement Orientation

You must operate in this because it is the drive to meet all internal standards of excellence.

  • Initiative

We must have a readiness to seize all profitable opportunities with out doubt.

The last two emotional Intelligence qualities has to do with our Relationships.

3. Social Awareness

  • Empathy

This skill is about sensing other people’s emotions and understanding their perspective and being ready to take a active interest in their concerns.

NOTE: Dale Carnegie teaches this in ” How To Win Friends & Influence People” Grab it here !

  • Organisational Awareness

This is the ability to read the currents of a organisational life and build a decision networks.

  • Service Orientation

This is the ability to recognize & meet customers needs. Customer service is important if you are to have lifetime clients.

4. Social Skill

  • Visionary Leadership

This is the ability to take charge and inspire with a compelling vision.

  • Influence

This is not coning or craftiness, but the ability flow in a range of persuasive tactics.

  • Developing Others

You must learn how to always as a leader to be able to develop leaders. This skill must range from several abilities within the spectrum of much feedback and guidance.

NOTE: John Maxwell has a great resource called ” Five Levels Of Leadership: Proven steps to Maximize Your Potential” GRAB IT HERE !

  • Communication

This is a skill of listening and sending a clear, convincing and very well-tuned message.

  • Change Catalyst

This is having the proficiency to initiate new ideas and lead people in a new direction if the opportunity occurs.

  • Conflict Management

You must also have the ability to reduce any level of intensity and disagreement with ensuring way to provide resolutions if needed.

  • Building Bonds

You must also be proficient at cultivating and maintaining ongoing relationships.

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

At the end of the day you must accomplish & be skillful at promoting cooperation and building teams.











Every business must align there success to win by how they create their Personal Branding Strategy

In this article we will discuss the essentials of creating 9 basics of how to create a solid Personal Branding Strategy. These truths will solidify your brand whether online or off-line.




Grab the Facebook Live stream training by clicking right HERE….


Here are the 9 Basics for creating a Personal branding Strategy

1. Who Are You?

A. Your Skills

  1. Abilities
  2. Education & professional back ground, if any…

B. Your Passions

  1. Your passions along with your personality will be key to develop a powerful brand

C. Your USPs

  1. Specialization- what do you have special knowledge in?

2. How are you perceived?

A. Personal Relationships

  1. What do your friends say about you?

B. Professional Relations

  1. What do your colleagues and or customers say about you?

C. Online Reputation

  1. What do forums say about you
  2. What do search results  such as Google say about you

3. What do you want to achieve?

A. Your Sector

  1. What personal products will you create?
  2. What services will you offer in your business field?

B. Your Market

  1. You must Identify the correct target audience for your brand

C. Your Style

  1. Plan your communication to be clear

4. Create Your Brand !

A. Emotions & words

  1. Name & slogan – This will characterize you so you are remembered ↓↓↓↓↓↓

B.Emotions & Images

  1. Choose your company colors
  2. A Logo that represents you and your cooperate identity………….↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

C. Emotions & Storytelling

  1. Engage with your own story to using a about me page or video

5. Create Your Ecosystem !

A. Your Home

  1. Have a central hub,like a blog
  2.  Your online communications- Note: YOU.COM

B. Social Networks

  1. Places to socialize, share and interact
  2. Clubs and accounts to build relationships

6. Create Your Network !

A. Influences

  1. Follow experts in your field, learn from them and create relationships

B. Communities

  1. Actively participate in groups and forums in your field

C. Offline

  1. Visit networking events related to your field
  2. Join Chamber Of Commerce

7. Create Original Content !

A. Blog

  1. Post valuable content, useful and viable to your market and update frequently

B. Social Media

  1. Create and share multimedia content
  2. Audio & Video

8. Get Involved & Share

A. Conversation

  1. Actively engage in other user’s conversation with insightful feedback in social networks

B. Comment

  1. Leave meaningful comments on other blogs in your niche

C. Sharing

  1. Re-Share valuable content and posts created by others
  • This builds a trust factor with other brands

9. Listen & Monitor !

A. News

  1. Stay updated on the buzz of what is said of your brand
  2.  Stay up with Tweets, RSS, & Google Alerts on your brand

B. Criticism

  1. Always be listening and deal with criticism in a professional manner

C. Monitoring

  1. Monitor your brand activity
  2. Use the right tools ( Analytics ) Buzz and sentiment…

 I hope you found value in this post and if you never want to miss a update or special that we are doing then sign up for our VIP by clicking below…














Time is the most important asset we as entrepreneurs have in common, so how we avoid wasting time is important.







There are fifteen time wasters that successful people avoid and we are going to share them with you below…

  1. Not Listening

Failure to listen to sound counsel and take in information that would change your life will waste time if not implemented.

      2. Not Finishing

The easiest way to measure how effective someone is with their time is to see what they actually get done. Successful people are always great finishers.

      3. Working Late

Working consistent long hours numbs your brain and hurts your connections in relationships and also could stifle your creativity.

       4. Lack Of Focus

Lack of focus and shifting priorities will always create unnecessary chaos for people that are in alignment for success.

        5. Bad Planning

Putting time into planning negates the need to waste time making adjustment in the long run.



         6. Technology Interruptions

Don’t allow technology to be an distraction because it is a great asset if properly used.

        7. Initiative Overload

Biting off to much is a sure way to over complicate things and can become unproductive.

         8. Drop-In-Visits

Every business should have a open door policy, although don’t allow unscheduled interruptions derail your focus.

         9. Bad Delegation

Successful leaders view delegation as proper alignment of resourcing and match every task to avoid unnecessary challenges.

 10. Poor Organization 

As a leader we should never have a lack of organizational skills. We must solve this issue because it is a silent time waster.

         11. Procrastination

Real leaders never avoid big issues, they attack them head on. Be proactive or you will find yourself in a reactionary defensive posture.

         12. Improper use of ” Yes & No”

Good leadership understand that questions deserve more than a answer, they deserve a correct answer. Don’t just answer, be Intentional.

          13. Unproductive Meetings

Don’t allow yourself to be added to nonsense meetings that waste your valuable time. Some people like to hear themselves speak.

          14. Not Learning

This one is big, because if you don’t allow yourself to continue to grow and develop, how do you expect to make the most of your time?

Great leaders are always ahead of the learning curve and know who and what to invest their time in.

         15. Not Engaging

You must spend time in collaboration and dialog with others or you will miss significant opportunities. After all every business is successful because of the people and connections they encounter.


A good quote on time is: “When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.”
― A. W. Tozer











 Active prospecting requires you to be a good conversationalist without causing any resistance.


If you apply these 10 rules in connecting with potential targeted prospects, then you can create better results.




1. Be genuinely interested in People

Network marketing, mlm or direct sales requires you to build people and  they will build the business.

You must be specifically interested in people. The main focus is to find out how you can solve a person’s most pressing issue & this will always prompt you to have a genuine interest in people.

2. Focus on the positives

When you connect with people whether hot, warm or cold market, you must always focus on the positives because people will be mostly employee minded.
3. Converse not debate or Argue

When talking  to your prospects you don’t ever want to argue about what they may think or not think in relation to product or service. Always exchange your thoughts and be open to listen to your prospects ideas or feedback.
4. Respect don’t impose,criticize,or judge.

There will always be someone that will say something that you don’t like. Always respond by saying, “ I totally understand _________, although have you ever looked at it this way? ” You will always get better response when you agree and then ask a question.
5. Put a person in his or her best light

The most communicated way to get a person to be open to you is to give a authentic compliment to them. Notice something that you can commend them about whether it be their voice or their posture or attentiveness.


6. Embrace differences while building on commonalities.

Speak always about the common interest that you pick up from the prospect in relation to their positiveness that will be effective for them in business.

7. Be True to Yourself

If they ask you a personal question or even give you some hard facts that they have encountered, then tell them the truth and not try to avoid the question. Be willing to respond by saying ” Based on what you just said, Are you willing to take the responsibility to achieve the results that you desire?”

8. 50/50 Rule

Ask questions although always be tentative to listen to see how you can address the prospects needs. When prospecting you must listen with a genuine interest to benefit the other party. “ALWAYS”

9. Ask purposed Questions

When you ask open ended questions and listen then you get a genuine response. ” What are your goals for this year” ” What influenced you to start looking for a business in the first place?” Asking elicit questions will in return give you elicit responses.

10. Always have a give & take attitude

Be reminded that when you ask someone anything while prospecting you must be aware that you may get a response that you may not care for. Respond by asking “What do you mean by that?” or “ Be more specific ?









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Learning how to get people to join your Network Marketing business is key when it comes to this business model.



When it comes to getting people to make a solid decision about joining your Network Marketing Business, it is critical to learn people skills.

It will always relate to how many people you can share a opportunity to solve a current problem they are facing. You must be genuinely interested in people without causing any  interruptions with their current lifestyle while building rapport.


I share this concept here in this video with the acronym L.O.V.E. on how to get people to join your Network Marketing Business.


1. Listening & watching

You must be interested in people therefore always willing to have conversations that will give you an opportunity to ask probing questions. The key point is to be listening to see if there is a need. Once you find a need you want to form a comment that offers your solution to that specific need.

Examples: How do love the job that you are currently doing ? How long have you been currently working there?

2. Offer Solutions

Once you find out how to address what issues that they currently having, it will then be time to package your response in the form of a solution.

When you offer answers to problems with your product or service then you can have great results. After all your potential prospect is looking for answers. It is up to you to be skillful enough to listen and find out exactly how you can be of help.

3. Value based

When you have a genuine interest to help people you will respond with a attitude of educating your prospect. You must be married to the process and never attached to the outcome. Non-verbal communication is 92% and you must always flow at a high level of energy with posture whether you get a sale or not.

4. Enjoy what you are doing

When you love what you do then you will be great at it. Always have a attitude of gratitude knowing that you are helping people build their network marketing business.

If you love what you are doing then you will always get better and better therefore helping enough people to get what they want. Don’t do anything that you do not have passion to do.


You can also grab my Personality guide to discover what the four major personalities are here → Personality Guide





For Ten Proven prospecting tips on how to get 2 to 10 leads a day click here …




For a blog post on the top two things you must have for Network Marketing success click here to enjoy….

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